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Will we make playoffs?

Will we make playoffs?

Playoffs?, most likely. NFC Championship, slim.
Originally posted by Rascal:
Getting into the playoffs shouldn't be an issue, is what happens after that which unfortunately won't be much. Will probably win in the wildcard round, but if we are playing Seattle in the divisional round, that will be it, end of our run. Better luck in 2014, folks !!

exactly or even Carolina to
Yes, the NFC sucks
Originally posted by valrod33:
Yes, the NFC sucks

Valrod33 strikes again. Two of our three losses were by NFC teams. We were embarrassed in both games so while I'm positive you're not serious I'll kindly disagree at least when it comes to the NFC playoff teams.
Well let's see. You have Seattle and New Orleans as the clear-cut #1 and #2 seeds (order to be determined). Detroit (6-3) could end up winning their division because of the injuries to Green Bay (5-4) and Chicago's (5-4) quarterbacks, but really it's still up in the air. Either Dallas (5-5) or Philly (5-5) will win the east. Obviously, 4 division winners are in and the two teams with the best record outside the division winners are in. Everyone else is out. If we lose to BOTH New Orleans and Seattle, we are in serious trouble of missing the playoffs, folks. Bottom line is if this offense doesn't turn it around, and fast, we're out.
In Jim Mora's high-pitched voice:

"Ah...PLAYOFFS???....PLAYOFFS??...Don't talk about....... PLAYOFFS??!!! You kidding me?? PLAYOFFS?!? I just hope we can win a game!"
One and done in playoffs.

If we continue to play the same way - probably one & done.
For an NFL team, making the playoffs is an achievement. For the 49ers it is too, but not going further will be a huge disappointment.

If we are to get to the #6 seed, then it would be 3 road games to reach the SB. I don't know if this year's 49ers, and with this offense...well, time will tell.
Originally posted by Chico:
Hopefully, this hasn't already been posted. If so, please delete. Thanks

The NFC West looks out of reach so our best chance is a wild card.
Our biggest competition is the Panthers & the Saints. Then we have the NFC North & it's the Packers, Lions & Bears. However, we can't take the Rams & Cards lightly. I'm not worried or scared about the weaklings in the NFC East. I think we land the 6th seed. What do you guys think?

I'm kinda hoping for the 6th seed. It seems the last 3 or 4 (maybe more) to win the Super Bowl have been teams that barely snuck into the playoffs and went on a hot streak because they got healthy at the right times. It's looking like a possibility for us.

Hopefully the passing game takes off when Crabtree is fully healthy at the end of the season. That's really the only thing holding us back. We have a championship defense.

If theres anything I learned in the Harbaugh era is to expect the unexpected.

While Sunday's loss reeks of ineptitude, it wouldn't surprise me in the least for us to look like a real super bowl team again.

A lot of uncertainty. If anything positive comes from this is that our expectations have been tempered now, not later (which is usually a lot harder to deal with).

If we look at the playoffs objectively , we could see signs that our offensive woes were coming. Both GB and ATL exposed us a bit before our comebacks, and we all know what happened in the bowl.

The good news is we didn't peak offensively the last two years until late November/December.

Remain hopeful.
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If we're the 6th seed, we play Detroit in the first round....
hmm, Jimmy vs Jimmy in "Handshake 2!" - That should be fun
12—4 record, drop either Saints or Seahawks game, but win the rest. Wildcard since I don't think we will win the division either.
We have 5 rings. You mean this doesn't automatically get us into the playoffs?
Originally posted by Kaeperdouching:
We have 5 rings. You mean this doesn't automatically get us into the playoffs?

^^ seahawk fan, probably from .net
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