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I want to see McCoy or Bethel-Thompson

Kap is our best qb no question. It's not about Kap. It's about blowing up our pass offense and going in a new direction. Putting in a new qb will force that to happen. We will catch other teams unprepared for a few quarters. We might get a drive or two out it. That's what the offense needs. Good performance against decent teams. Why is that so weird? Put Kap back in after two or three quarters. See if the dynamic is changed.
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stop making threads Blake
Most entertaining thread ever. Why lock a good thing?
Originally posted by Niners99:

Originally posted by boast:
stop making threads Blake

you know who Blake is right ?

from the lakers..the guy who looks like you know who ?
Remember how bad Alex was his first six years? Yeah, McCoy and McBLT are way way worse than that. Lets bring back Cody Pickett while we're at it.
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bethel thompson gets cut multiple times every year and mccoy has a weenie arm, is fidgity in the pocket and is a better runner than passer. im good

sounds like you are describing Kap..... fidgity in the pocket and is a better runner than
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stop making threads Blake


Thanks for not locking this thread.

The next time we are down 24-3 halfway through the third or 4th quarter, 1- 13 on 3rd down, 1/2 our third downs are > 8 yards to go, then maybe we can rest Kap a bit and try something new. Sometimes just changing the look can help. Our D is pretty good, so we shouldn't be way out of too many games.
you want to see mccoy or mcblt, i want to see you banned. and this is coming from a poster whos been really critical of kaep
This is about a radical makeover 1/2 through a season where our pass offense is horribly ineffective. I'm not even getting into Kap's role in the whole thing.

I think he's accomplished a lot of positives. Most especially keeping the turnovers under control in the last few games -- especially carolina where he was getting swarmed almost immediately. That was impressive to me. McCoy would have thrown 1-2 picks in that situation.

i don't count the last minute desperation heave by Kap. That meant nothing.

We need to do a John Harbaugh and make a radical sea change to get the right feel going. Crabs coming back or another jumbo package triple end around to the tight end flanker half back flea flicker to vern is not going to get the job done.

What do you propose?
or maybe the coaching staff should be held accountable for being horrible in designing nfl caliber passing plays with multiple option routes. at some point you're going to have to let it rip.

the thing that let's me know the offensive coaching staff is incompetent is the fact that at no point have we been totally shut down when we stuck with the run
and the idiots rather than stick with what they know, go away from it. so even if you get your wish they'll still find a way to mess it up
we're talking about a staff that still hasn't found a way to get macdonald involved in the red zone couldn't find a place for james until the 9th game and didn't realize kyle williams wasn't a good wr until week 10 after all of the tape they supposedly look at.
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