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size and speed to the offense

Vance McDonald is a rookie whos not being used properly. I know he choked that nice deep ball last week which coulda won the game. but Im not about to give up on him. He'll get there with experience. I really wanted Keenan Allen also at WR. This Tank dude picked at #40 DE better be good because they passed up a lot of prospects in order to take this dude and he has yet to do squat.
It's hard to talk about this 20/20. On draft day we had a healthy Crabtree, just picked up Anquan Boldin as our #2. We lost Delanie in FA and needed a 2nd TE pretty badly. I think Quinton Patton has good potential for a speedy WR and we all liked that pick. WR was not a huge issue at the day of the draft. It's easy to look back and say what the hell were they thinking.. But nobody knew Crabtree was going to get seriously injured (or Patton to be fair).

It's so easy to say "oh we shoulda done this and that" ESPECIALLY the Jordan Reed analogy. That guy came out of nowhere...

This year, though, it is #1 priority. I also hate that Greg Roman tells the defense it's a run 9/10 times we run. 1 WR on the field... It's a run. The lack of creativity in the game plan has doomed us. If the opponent knows what's coming - hell, most of the time *I* know what's coming - of course we will be unsuccessful!!
Interesting comments.

IMO, Vance was an excellent pick that will pay off big time.

He's been open many times and Kap hasn't even given him a look.

IMO, it's all on Roman and JH. There has been may excellent posts in the Zone about using 3 step drops, mixing it up w/screens and slants - of which I completely agree.

Our coaching staff needs to open their minds and stop being the major cause of the problems.
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Originally posted by NCommand:
Size used to be a staple of the WCO. Both Rice and Taylor were very big for WR's back in the day and their size allowed them to shield defenders, play through press coverage and certainly benefited them in blocking down field (for each other or the RB/TE's). Size helps...neither were fast by any means. Look at how poor Williams got blown up on the edges from the X or Z spots in the WR screen, rub routes or blocking on the edge for CK or Gore/Hunter. Baldwin, the very first thing I noticed was how willing he was in blocking down field and how effective he was...harder to get around (or even see) behind him. Obviously, you don't have to be huge these days with the NFL rules but it still helps a ton esp. if you can jump and high-point a ball. Look at all the better WR's and TE's now. B/c of the rules, they are setting records and having field days. Boldin is one of the slowest WR's in the NFL but has learned to use his big body and strength to excel. Obviously, the type of offense you play in is critical, proper coaching and development, technique, explosion off the LOS, etc. all play a big part. Steve Smith exploited us when the Panthers needed him most...made a career of being a small but fiesty, tough-nosed player. I think attitude plays a big part of it as well.

But for the type of offense we currently run, yes, the Crabtree's and Boldin's and Baldwin's will have success in our system. Since we don't throw deep bombs or post patterns or go's, having a speed guy (we just cut Moore/Ginn) won't do anything in reality. And with constant 2 TE-sets, that pretty much eliminates needing a shifty, quick, great-RAC slot WR as well.

Ideally, if we could find a big body that can use all his tools (apparently we tried to trade Baldwin before the deadline), loves to block the edge with attitude, can high point it AND has some top-end speed that defenses have to respect (like we did against Ginn/Panther WR's - playing way off), then we damn-well better pull the trigger! A dude like Jenkins will do nothing for this team...not even sure Patton will either unless you move him to the slot; Manningham as well (a play here and there on the outside but he should NOT be on the edges consistently helping to block in the run game)...slot, yes, ideal!

Even though the type of offense we run is a power running attack with play action, I think the problem this offense is having **is a lack of vertical threats** to clear the short and middle zones for the Z/slot receivers to have some room in catching the ball. It would be nice to have a big and fast man on the outside as an X and go deep, but I think a small fast man like a Freddie Solomon in his prime or somebody *like* him that had speed and had the hands to be a legit deep threat.

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