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Niners will follow the ravens and giants SB seasons

Honestly, more 3 step drops and release instead of 5 step drops. Also try using Quan in the slot on quick hitters, this brings squatting cbs up and then Boom, over the top to Baldwin and VD.
Originally posted by SoCold:
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
LOL no. I cant think of an offense this bad that has ever gone to the super bowl let alone win it.

2002/2003 bucs are as close as i can remember in recent years, and that offense looked like the greatest show on turf compared to our current offense. And our defense is not on that level, they are good, but not the 2002/2003 bucs.

No way in hell this team even wins a playoff game unless they dramatically improve offensive production.

Our high scoring games were an anomaly based on playing bad teams, Frank Gore, and defense.

dont remember Trent Dilfer winning a SB?

team went 4 or 5 games in a row without scoring a TD and won like two of them with only FG's

That era is no longer relevant.

Alex Smith is not a super bowl champion because he played 5-10 years too late.

Grossman got the Bears to a super bowl with a worse offense than Smith ever led.

Modern rules won't allow it. If the chiefs fail to make the big game this year, that will be the reason why.

Only reason anyone even questions that team is for that reason.
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I've been saying this for a while. If the passing game picks up we'll be in the SB I have no doubt. We may have to do it on the road but it can be done. If we can get 200 to 250 yards passing consistently we'll be good
f**k YEAH

We will win #6 this year and we will take it to Seattle when it matters most baby! Come at us bro!
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Originally posted by 49erWay:
I know this doesn't jive with the unending whining of some people around here but...

Dang straight we can win the Superbowl.

with the current way we are playing right now against good teams ? you are dreaming sir
There is still a lot of football left to play, I joked a few weeks ago that I would like to see us play Dallas in the wild card (so I can go to the game, live in Texas), NO in the semis (8 hour drive to NO), and then go to Seattle for the NFC Championship (I know this makes a lot of you cringe but I'm the type of guy that knocks on your door and bust you in the mouth in YOUR house. Would like to see my football team do the same).
Some facts - NO's average margin of victory at home is 20.2 per game, Seattle's is 16 per game. Look it up if you don't believe me. These teams are good or even great at home, they are utterly dominant. Just being realistic, we are not going to win @ Dallas, then @ Seattle, then @ New Orleans, then beat the AFC champ. To think that we'd be able to do that is myopic almost to the point of being insane. The Giants and Ravens had tough roads too, but they each at least had one home game in the first round. And both needed ridiculous flubs by the home team (Kyle's 2 fumbles vs NYG and Raheem Moore breaking the # 1 rule of prevent defense with seconds left). We'd have to be MUCH BETTER AND MUCH LUCKIER than we've been so far to pull this off.

More facts - in the last few years the 11-5 Saints that had to go to the 7-9 Seahawks got beat down, and the 13-3 Colts that had to go to the 8-8 Chargers also lost. IMO this is largely because the home team gets so disrespected in these scenarios that they usually win despite inferior talent. So even if we are playing well, and roll into Dallas or Philly or wherever at 13-3 or 12-4 or whatever, we'd be anything but assured a win.

This is all outside of the fact that our passing game is not bad, but HORRIFIC. Even if it were to get much better, we're looking at a really, really tough road. I know this sounds like a bunch of negativity, but it's just reality. Is it possible that we pull it off? Yes. Is it probable or anything I would put any hope into? No. I'm not giving up but to expect that we are going to pull off what is required to win it all this year is setting yourself up for heartbreak.
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Originally posted by crabman82:
Originally posted by socalfan21:
Originally posted by crabman82:
those teams won their division

Giants and packers were 6th seed

the giants won their division and had a home playoff game vs the falcons. 6th seeds dont get home playoff games. this thread mentions nothing about the packers, it says the ravens.

another one who goes silent when proven wrong. if you're gonna have the sack to attempt to prove me wrong, be man enough to toss me the credit when you've figured out you're wrong.
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