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Why don't we use our offensive players to their strengths?

Originally posted by rondoman:
This post says it all!

As much as I b***h about Kap and the receivers the bottom line is the coaching staff is continually putting these guys in a position to fail!

Look at some of the body language of the offensive players. It's like they know the s**tty plan sucks and is destined to fail and are waiting for things to go bad. Man, Harbaugh and Co. are becoming one of the most overrated staffs in the NFL. Like others have said, there is no plan B, there are no adjustments.

We just continue to shoot ourselves in the foot and doing it our way, because you know, nobody is gonna dictate how we play our football!!!

The most asinine s**t over and over and over. Something works, and you COMPLETELY go away from it! Gore is gashing them, lets stop. Quick slant works, lets never run it again. The either massive ego or just plain stupidity of the staff is undermining the players and its really starting to piss me off.

I completely agree.

As Phoenix stated, let's leave Fangio and the defensive coaches out of this, they've been excellent the entire stretch. It's the coaches on offense that are looking like complete blunders. Yes, the players should be held accountable for poor execution but it all comes down to the coaches.

I don't trust this staff with receivers. This has sort of become a place for receivers to fail. Their ability to actually develop receivers is questionable and I see teams get more out of their scrub receivers than we even attempt to do.

Baalke hoards draft picks to draft extremely talented young players only for this staff to underutilize them on offense. They benched LMJ the entire 1st half of the season and can't give him a proper role but continue to give Kyle Williams chance after chance either to f**k up or do a whole lot of nothing? Are you KIDDING me?

Does the o-line even know what pass blocking is? I'm going to echo what another poster said earlier, do they even practice this? Because they are getting owned and dominated consistently.

The passing game is so dull and uncreative by design. I've seen better, more imaginative passing attacks in college than this amateur crap they've drawn up. Do they even know what screens and quick slants are? My God. Cohn asked Harbaugh about this earlier and he was like, "oh really? Good point." Are they trolling us?

And boy, I don't even know what's going on with Kap but it's getting bad. I always said this staff, especially Harbaugh, knows exactly what to do with Kap and that he's in good hands with them developing him. Now, I'm not so sure. His growth and development has hindered for some reason. He's not as far along in his development as I, or any of us, though he would be .

The coaching staff gets a lot of credit for bringing us out of the dark Singletary ages and receives a lot of blind loyalty for the turnaround for the franchise; while they did really great things and appeared innovative in the beginning, they did inherit a loaded roster which made things a lot easier for them. They're facing much more adversity this year than before and I'm not seeing much from them that can assure me that they can make those crucial adjustments and persevere amid challenges. In fact, they're not making adjustments at all. HaRoman are getting shamefully outcoached and outclassed each time we play a decent team. The same damn asinine mistakes, poor play calling and game plan every time. Roman doesn't just shrink when faced with a challenge, he completely collapses and checks out mentally, you can tell as his play calling becomes even sloppier as the games goes and Harbaugh continues to allow him.

Harbaugh has really disappointed me this year. To continue to let the team sink as low as we have is inexcusable. He needs to fix it and fix it fast or things could really get ugly. I respect Harbaugh and want him to stay as long as he can but a few of his buddies need to be gone by the end of the season. And if he doesn't handle this and the offense continues to look a mess, not a good look for him either.
Because our coaches are stupid.
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Real Mad Scientist would win the Super Bowl with 32nd rank passing team.
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Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
Does Greg Roman know what a screen pass is?

Has Greg Roman been secretly hanging out with Jimmy Raye?

Does Jimmy Raye know what a screen pass is?

Is Jimmy Raye sneaking into the booth and calling play?

Does Roman s**t his pants when we face a good defense?

Not yet.

Yes, he bullies Raye into treating him out to buffets.

No (still).

Not really, but he whispers ideas into Roman's fat sweaty ears.

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