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Will Kaepernick now be easier to resign?

Originally posted by Rascal:
You might think Kap will be much cheaper to re-sign now, but in reality not necessarily.

If his agent says let's test the market, believe it or not, I believe there will still be teams lining up to sign him.

I think we will have some serious soul-searching to do and will have to ask ourselves the tough question whether Kap is really our franchise QB going forward ? This really is a serious question cos we will be talking about the 9ers' future in the next decade.

Good thing this won't be until after 2014. This guy needs to remove himself from the spotlight and focus on football.
Well we can put to rest any thoughts of an 80-100 mil extension, that's for sure.
i was thinking the same thing.. he will rank top 15 in QB's and won't get paid top 5 money.. i hope he plays better in time of playoffs..
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If he keeps playing like today, I'd franchise tag and decide that year, or just low-ball him.
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