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terrible: injuries......
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Originally posted by Aacadena:
Originally posted by LanceQ:
Yes, the pistol needs to go. Its doesn't work anymore. Teams are daring us to run. It hasn't worked all season except for scramble plays. Carolina was just sitting waiting for the pistol formation and stop it with ease. No drive, no emotion and no creativity today. We deserved to loose, thankfully we didn't get blown out. The defense played well, but that was about it. PITIFUL loss.
Yup we tend to score less than 10 points a game when we try to rely on passing. and it seems the pistol formation has lost us more yards than it has gained.

What ?! We relied on passing ? Since when have we relied on passing ever since our passing game was put into the freezer ?

Plus, I don't understand what you mean by we tend to score less than 10 points when we rely on our passing game ? Didn't we throw the ball in last season's Bears game ? Or the Pats game ? Or the Packers playoff game ?
Originally posted by sfout:
Hello to you Marvin if you read this.

But I'm looking forward to Marvin's thoughts about the game, very happy he has stopped the career length stats analysis of Kap and will have to focus on this 1 game.

not even necessary to wait on... it will all be blamed on the playcalling, OL, and wind direction.
once vernon davis went out of the game, i knew we should have gone on fourth and 1. with vd missing, it was going to be tough sledding to get in the red zone again and that proved to be the point
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by lamontb:
Overall bad is the Niners played 4 good teams all sesson and lose 3 of them.

That just can't be good.
there is no making excuses because we have seen the results when we played good teams this year. JH has to continue to support CK because the possible fact that CK is not the man people thought he was is a very very scary prospect for this franchise moving foward people thought JH was connected at the hip with the other guy.....
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