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Worst Passing Offense in the NFL

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Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Not really. The offense caught fire last season with the read option, defenses studied it, adapted to it and have mostly been shutting down on it while it looks like Harbaugh and Roman doubled down on it in the offseason. The only time this resembles an actual NFL offense is when they run the ball behind center with Gore, the rest of the time its like Roman is pulling random plays out of "Coaching College Offense For Dummies", there's no rhyme or reason to the calls, the shifting and movement that was so effective in 2011 is extremely predictable in 2013, defenses have figured it out and if they have good enough personnel to stop it as Carolina does, the offense becomes helpless.

Roman isn't calling pop warner football plays out here. A good quarterback will make things work better than the worst passing offense in the league, like we have right now. This is on Kaepernick, and he's gotta get some balls and make this offense work.
that one terrible overthrow to Boldin was just
Anyone with a stop watch know how much time, on average, Kaep has in the pocket.
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Originally posted by TyCore:
Anyone with a stop watch know how much time, on average, Kaep has in the pocket.

Not much today.
A). Kap was running for his life most of the day - this is on the OLIne.

Originally posted by mayo49:
Not much today.

And yet the playcalls constantly called for 7 step drops, how many quick slant passes were there today.....2 maybe. This offense doesn't like to adapt, doesn't seem able to adapt, if Plan A doesn't work, then they throw in the towel and come back next week to see if Plan A works any better then.
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