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So.. not going to name names or anything, but weren't there a boatload of people saying: "If Colin has anything like the 140 yard, 1 TD, 1 INT performance at home against the Seahawks" like we had last time with our other QB, "we are going to lose for sure."

Colin completed 51% of his passes with 175 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT and a 65.7 QBRating. It's not all about the final numbers folks. Like I and many others tried to get across -- the numbers should have been expected to be a little off, but he needed to manage the game and not make costly mistakes. He did what it took to win. Sure, we all wish it would've been way better, but he did enough to get the W.

His rating was 67.5 and he rushed for 31 yards running helped, especially that last first down conversion. Kap showed some nuts making tough throws down field and tight throws into converge. 199 total yards and a TD were only good enough because the defense and special teams (minus the Tate return) played lights out football.

We could of won by more if Kap had just a little more experience. Its still pretty good and did what 11 other teams this season could not, and that is to beat SEA.

We would of lost if the defense gaffed up or the special teams made some more errors.
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