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Coo Glad to spread the niner gospel all over the world
Episode 14 now up.
Whilst the league's Head Coaches and GMs spend a week out in Indianapolis appraising the potential stars of the future at the NFL Scouting Combine, the gang stay closer to home and speak to a local Faithful Fan, as well as finding the time to produce an extended fan feature with the host of Absolute Radio's NFL coverage, and Tuesday Morning Football podcaster, Will Gavin.
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Next episode, we feature both Taylor Price and Robert Alberino from 49ers studios.

To help cope with the lack of newsworthy stories whilst patiently waiting for the NFL Draft to arrive, the gang hang out with some of the 49ers organisation's unsung heroes, the great guys from 49ers Studios, Taylor Price and Robert Alberino. We chat to them about the exciting new projects they plan to bring us throughout the off-season and beyond, as well as what we can expect from the facilities at the new Levi's Stadium, and also reminisce about their time spent over in London last summer

Thanks to Free Agency beginning, the gang finally have something juicy to get their teeth into, so we take a look back at the first week's moves in and out of 4949 Centennial Boulevard. There are fond farewells for both Donte Whitner and Carlos Rogers, whilst we offer warm welcomes to Antoine Bethea and Jonathan Martin...although there is some uncertainty about what Blaine Gabbert's greeting will be!

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After a long off season break, the gang finally return for OTAs and are joined by 49ers beat reporter Matt Barrows to discuss what moves the 49ers might make in the upcoming NFL Draft. We also chat about Levi's Stadium, Laurence Okoye, the ongoing power struggle between Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke, as well as the current media frenzies surrounding both Aldon Smith and Colin Kaepernick.
Good interview with MB. Don't forget to give the zone a plug sometime.

Originally posted by English:
Good interview with MB. Don't forget to give the zone a plug sometime.


We are hoping to get Damon Bruce on in the next week or so to do a Post-Draft review.
Also we have Mark Hunter lined up at some point when we can align our paths.
We were lucky enough to sit down with 95.7 The Game host Damon Bruce last week to talk 49ers and review the draft. You can hear it on our podcast on the following links: & also available to subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher. Thanks for reading and listening.
The arsenal 49-unbeaten club finally won a majo(u)r trophy , so ergo, concurrently, the 49ers must needs follow suit...

In the last couple of weeks we have done a season preview with Matt Barrows and also chatted with 49ers archivist and the guy in charge of the 49ers Museum at Levis.

Sorry for the radio silence of late, it's been a very hectic summer over here in the UK!
We've recently interviewed Dwight Hicks, so keep an eye out for that podcast, which should fall in line with us visiting San Francisco in week 4 for the Eagles game, where if you leave your TV's on for "The Faithful" after, you will see our episode about us here in the UK and what it means to be a 49ers fan here!!!
Competitive football is finally back so the gang jump in head first and reflect on the 49ers visit to Dallas where we saw Tony Romo go full Romo (and you never go full Romo!) as San Francisco completely dominated the first half and started the season with an easy 28-17 victory. There is also a look forward to the very first regular season game at Levi's Stadium as the Chicago Bears visit for Sunday Night Football.

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