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Originally posted by BrianUKNiner:
Episode 7 of our podcast is now live! & as well as iTunes! #49ers #49erFaithfuluk

Dennis Brown and Oscar interviews will be out next week in a Christmas Bonus special!!

Who is this Oscar of whom you speak?

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Our very own Webzone Oscar.
Originally posted by BrianUKNiner:
Our very own Webzone Oscar.

We banned him.
You did?
Anyway, here's the link to the interview with him and CSN Bay Area's Dennis Brown

Episode 8 of the podcast, a Christmas special is now up. Features interviews with former 49ers DT and current CSN Bay Area Analyst Dennis Brown and Oscar from the 49ersWebzone podcast.
Also on podbean and iTunes.

Enjoy and have a great Christmas all.

It would be really cool to get some additional feedback over the festive period, this will help us get a good idea of where we want to be for next season.
We have a whole host of guests lined up that will take us through the playoffs and off-season.
OK firstly, you do realise I was joking about Oscar?

Having listened, I would say that you are doing a really good job. I did it once a long time ago and the only comment I would offer up, with trepidation, is to remember what you are there to do. When I was doing it, I was mainly there to provide the basic game information, which was not then freely available, and a little opinion. Now that game and background information is so widely available, there is only opinion and the discussion of historic aspects and specifics about the strategy and tactics of the game. And you do seem to be filling this role admirably.

Looking forward in time we do have some draftniks on the zone and if I was you I would be trying to involve one of them next year around draft time.

Good work. Keep it up Brian and crew and have a great New Year.
Thanks for the Feedback English. Much appreciated.
We definitely want some knowledgeable Draft folks come April, so will keep an eye out for anybody that wants to come and talk to us about that. After a relaxing festive break, the gang are back to swap Christmas turkeys for Falcons and Cardinals as they reflect on an emotional farewell to Candlestick, and a hard-fought win over Atlanta, then take a deeper look at the 49ers' trip to the desert, and a last gasp victory against Arizona, to finish the regular season 12-4. It is then time for the cheese course with a preview of the wild-card weekend visit to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field and an impeding battle versus the Packers.
Episode 10 of the 49erFaithfulUK Podcast is live. After sneaking past Green Bay during Wild Card Weekend, the gang reflect on the game and wonder whether a third consecutive 23-20 victory is on the cards as the 49ers travel to Carolina looking for both revenge and a place in the NFC Championship Game. We also cross the Severn Bridge into Wales to meet another Faithful Fan and announce a special 49er Faithful UK meet up for this weeks' encounter against the Panthers. also and also now on Stitcher as well as iTunes! Enjoy!
We had a cool meetup in Manchester last week for the Panthers game.
Episode 11 of the 49er Faithful UK Podcast is now live on iTunes, Soundcloud, Podbean and Stitcher.

It's all about the numbers this week as the 23 enigma seems to be lucky omen for the 49ers so, after the team notched up this magical figure for the 3rd consecutive game, we take a look back at last Sunday's taming of the Panthers. There is also a 2nd visit to Wales for another Fan Feature and of course a preview of the 49ers trip into the Seahawks nest as they face off against Seattle, and their infamous 12th man, for a place in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Why is this thread getting no love?

Great job! Thanks for putting in the time to do these.
Thanks NinerGod. Enjoy the feedback from folks, so would be cool to get plenty more if folks have the time to listen to us. We have some very exciting guests lined up over the next few weeks of the off-season.

It was our duty to record a post-Seattle podcast, so here it is.

Episode 13 of the 49er Faithful UK Podcast is now live on iTunes, Soundcloud, Podbean and Stitcher.

This week the gang try to forget the events that occurred last Sunday in New Jersey and instead focus on reviewing a season that Coach Harbaugh said was "a great year of football with a capital G". There is also a look at the 49ers upcoming free agents and some discussion about how the team might create some essential salary cap space to help accommodate everybody for the 2014 season.
Just a heads up for you as well as the above podcast. This week we spoke with both Taylor Price and Rob Alberino from the 49ers Studios and Media team. This should be going out on next weeks podcast, so something to look forward to there and you will also get more details of something VERY Exciting we did here in London when we were with them!!!
Originally posted by English:
Originally posted by BrianUKNiner:
Our very own Webzone Oscar.

We banned him.

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