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49erFaithfulUK Podcast

Hi all,

Following up from our successes in London, we decided to make our own 49ers podcast here in the UK.
I hope the Webzone boys don't mind us plugging it here, not looking to compete as the one here is the best around, just be active and offer something from our side of the pond! But if you are interested then here is the link to it if you wish to listen or Download:

It should be on iTunes within 24-48 hours.

Appreciate any feedback, good or bad!




It's amusing that most of you also became fans in 1988 like myself. That Montana-to-Taylor magic created a lot of 9er fans over here.
Pod is now on iTunes as well.
Hope you get the time to have a listen and see what you think.
What was also really cool is that we all came together this week to discuss podcasting with both the Webzone boys and the NinersNation/SBNation Tre this week to help each other out.
Am going have a listen this evening as I cycle home from Angel to Forest Hill...
Good work lads - gutted I didn't know about the Green Man meet-up
Episode 2 should be up online tonight with a bit of luck! We are already working on Episode 3 and we have already recorded a special bonus episode with Adam Goldstein.
Episode 2 now live folks :)

Appreciate any feedback!
Episode 3 of the #49erFaithfulUK podcast is now live. Apologies for my most likely awful hosting skills in Gary Rutledge's absence. and also as well as iTunes! Enjoy!
So pre-game yesterday, we interviewed both Dave Feldman and Denny Green for this week's Pod! Will post up when it's ready!
Good stuff fella's, nice to hear some International Niner Love!!!

Cheers, appreciate the kind words so far. and are the links to this week's 49erFaithfulUK podcast, featuring Dave Feldman and Coach Denny Green from CSN Bay Area. Also available on iTunes.
Rams Review and Seahawks preview episode now available in all the usual podcast spots. This week's podcast is now live in all your normal podcast spots, including here on #soundcloud #49ers

Hoping to have the webzone podcast boys on next weeks show! Stay tuned!!
This week's episode, starring none other than the Webzone's very own Oscar, is now up. Oscar, the full interview will go out as a special over the Christmas week, but we have included part of it this week.

The latest podcast is now LIVE! and as well as iTunes! #49ers #49erFaithfulUK
We spoke with former 49er and current CSN Bay Area Analyst Dennis Brown last night. We will have this up Thursday for you, hopefully.
Episode 7 of our podcast is now live! & as well as iTunes! #49ers #49erFaithfuluk

Dennis Brown and Oscar interviews will be out next week in a Christmas Bonus special!!
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