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The chatter about Aldon Smith

Aldon has smelled the coffee, went into rehab, has received education he didn't have before, and the 49er staff and team have had his back and are working him into a structured return that is handled on a day to day basis.

What has been said.

Not that his family didn't do their best, but it takes a village sometimes.

This young man is so talented, so intelligent, and so uneducated few know what to do with it.

He is a lot like Lawrence Taylor. He is the first person I have ever compared to Taylor since 30 years.

The problem is this. Both are at their best when they are either spiritually or physically high as a kite.

I have seen this so many times.

If they are going to help him channel his unique reality it still wont go perfect.

But the 49ers still may have an all time gem.
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