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Guys, can I tell you about Wembley?

Originally posted by niners_guy:
He was referring to the game we played against the Broncos a few years back. That was a 49ers home game.

ahh, dumb me, oh well.
Originally posted by Empire49:
Personally, I don't like the 49ers playing there. It's just too far. They can only do it before a bye week or they'd miss several days of preparation for the next opponent. I also oppose Thursday games for the same reason (not being too far to travel, but they still lose prep time).

And if we were to lose a home game for it, I would not be a happy camper. I was furious when we went a few years ago against the Broncos.

But if they win and don't have injuries Thursday games offer a lot of rest that is needed.
Do any of you guys know what financial compensation is offered to NFL teams that lose a home game? Also, if there is a compensation package, do the fans benefit in any way? I'm very curious to know, even though I benefit by seeing my team.
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