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Player signatures on game day

Do 49er players sign autographs at all on game days in candlestick? I'd like to get my jersey signed but realize it's unlikely. Does anyone know if they do anything like this before or after the games or only at non-game day signing events?
during pre game warm ups is your best try
You can go down to the first row by the entrance to the player locker room behind the end zone during pre game warm ups like 49AllTheTime said and if your lucky enough to get there attention as there heading in and out of the locker room they might sign it. You can also try this after the game but usually there is to much chaos at that time and the players just want to head inside. Pre game is a better time to try and get one.
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You will miss out in tailgating and have a less than 10% chance IMO.
Game days players are super focused. You would have a better chance standing outside 4949 centennial and praying.
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