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49ers vs jaguars Picture Thread

Props for the pics to
Thanks for sharing stoney. The 3rd Davis TD one look at how that ball is almost out. Happens a lot with Davis. He barely holds on. Just not a natural catcher although he is a heck of a lot better than he use to be because he has worked so hard on it. Those over the shoulder ones are tough for him. He catches most of them, he use to drop a lot of those.

Other one that stood out was Gore with arm out like a backwards L trying to keep his balance. I think he's in the end zone on that one. Also, that was a rough field to play on. Been awhile since we played on that "muddy" of a field. Guess not really muddy but rough.
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d o m i n a t i o n
Great pics!!! Much deserved break for our team during the bye wk! This sunday is gonna suck wit no niner ball! Tho our guys resting, healing n will be ready to go for carolina
Gotta love it
View from my seat last night.

Wow!! Great pics and thanks for putting them up. Those pictures of the 49ers offensive lineman dominating the Jags def front are my favorite. The one of them standing in the huddle is great too. They just look intimidating. The Jags were so outmatched up front it wasn't even close to fair.
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