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Zero Sacks today

I keep on seeing "Zak Keasy" when I see the thread title....

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Yea with Tank & Aldon coming back im soooo worried
Originally posted by gold49digger:
Wouldn't be the zone if we didn't find complaints in a blowout.

Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
I keep on seeing "Zak Keasy" when I see the thread title....

Zak Keasey needs another 60+ page thread! I remember posts like "if Keasey and P. Willis collided, the world would be destroyed".

Back on topic, I read that back ups entered in 3rd Qtr, standard 4 man rush, maybe to see if they could beat their match up, apparently not.
so close...

zero spurms produced in my nutsack today.
Originally posted by BrianGO:
Originally posted by jreff22:
Justin is starting to look his age.

Isn't he just supposed to do that holding trick, where he simply let's the OLB in for an easy sack? Funny how he can't perform that trick without Aldon Smith.

Justin does his job perfectly fine. However, Aldon is the only player good enough to take advantage of it.
Tank Carradine and Aldon Smith............come on down! You are the next contestants on the "Webzone is Pissed over a meaningless stat In a blowout win" game.
Wow typical zone.

I'm sure if we were playing a more prolific offense that we would have done more to pressure the QB then we did today.

Look at the first half. Jags couldn't do anything. If your constantly getting three and outs then what ever your doing is working. Sure the third quarter gave the jags some life but that score was the last one.

Dont read too much into it. The second half had way more rotation then we have seen all year.

I'm not worried.
No pressure on Henne is one thing, no pressure on Brees is another. I did not say they needed to blitz, but scheme more. Aldon will help, hopefully Tank is ready. I guess we'll see.

Is this a complaint after a 42-10 victory?
would you really want to blitz in a blow out victory just to get sacks?

thats a "whats your deal" type of move.

Not sure how hard our guys were playing after the 2nd half either. Sure getting a sack or two would ahve been nice. Coming out unharmed is great though
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Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Is this a complaint after a 42-10 victory?

A worry about better teams and QB's to come.
Lemonier has the speed but looks to need more strength. If Aldon comes back it will open up the pass rush for the entire line.
Originally posted by AUniner:
1st Half Jags went 3 and out repeatedly - Defense job done.

2nd Half up by 28+ why the hell would you bring extra pressure and show it to the rest of the league. The whole league knows we can bring the pressure when required why show them the stuff we should be keeping in the bag.

Webzone whinge of the week..... this bye week is going to be painful.

Exactly. I'm not eloquent like mike tyson. I don't have a 5000 word vocabulary.

Also, you can't always be rushing the passer, it leaves holes for good running backs like Maurice.

But you're right. Exactly.
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