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I had a dream that our server crashed as 1,011 people were logged in. Apparently, we made a move for Gordon.
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As is usually the case, I'd bet nothing of significance happens before the deadline.

Gordon is not going to be moved at all...which, despite the long and spirited debate will tell us that either:

1. Cleveland was never going to move him and the rumors of his availability stemmed more from the out of the ordinary trade of Trent Richardson than it did from Gordon actually being available; or

2. Cleveland was open to moving him but had to be blown away to do it, meaning probably more than a lower 2nd round pick and table scraps. Descriptions like "elite talent", "talent that we won't be able to get in the draft" and that his talent outweighed the risk of a year long suspension were used here to describe Gordon and support arguments for acquiring him. If that's all true, along with Gordon being on his rookie contract for 2 more years, it would make sense that Cleveland would want more than a lower 2nd round pick. It makes more sense for Cleveland to take the risk, if he's clean, he can be a key building block for them; if he gets busted again, they aren't going to the playoffs anyway and move on without him.

3. Cleveland wanted to move him but its too late in the season and there were too many red flags for the 49ers and the rest of the league. Having to come over in week 9, learn a new system, get reps and develop a feel for Kaep is a lot harder than its been portrayed here. Trent Richardson is still trying to pick up the Colts system. I suspect part of the reason Baldwin has not had more chances is because he is still limited in knowing the playbook. Think how long it took Kaep and Vernon to get on the same page and they had at least been in the same offense for a year and a half when Kaep took over.

More importantly, we know Baalke is going to get torched here for not making a trade for Gordon, but if all the great things being said about Gordon are true and he is available, why didn't another team step up to get him. The Lions, Patriots, Packers, KC, San Diego and Indy could all use another cheap, young, "elite talent" WR due to injuries and/or lack of production. But, if Gordon's that great of a talent and on a cheap contract, wouldn't other borderline contenders or non-playoff teams be interested in him as well? Wouldn't he instantly become the Rams #1 WR (and we know Jeff Fisher will take character risks and the Rams have a lot of picks as well)? Minnesota? Jets? Tampa? Carolina? Philly?

If Gordon was really available and all the good things said here about him are true, there would have been a much larger market for him than just the 49ers. The fact he is not traded today tells you either he was never really available or there were so many significant red flags that all of the teams felt the risk was not worth the possible reward, especially for playoff teams in the middle of the season where their primary focus is on winning games now and not trying to get a new player up to speed on the offense.
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Jared Allen!!!!!!!

I wish, but that'll be expensive doe

Jared Allen isn't going anywhere with his contract. Vikes will probably cut in offseason for savings even if they have bigger problems, new coach & qb to start with.

ESPN reporting that the peacocks are trying to trade for Jared Allen. Clayton said Vikings are willing to pay most of his salary so that he can fit under their cap.
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Also says Vikings are talking to second team about him.....
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Originally posted by gunslinger8:
Also says Vikings are talking to second team about him.....

Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter21m
And @Mortreport says the Vikings are asking a second-round pick for Jared Allen but would consider a conditional third-round pick.

It isn't us. Paying a 2nd rounder or conditional 3rd rounder for a rental situation pass rusher (in our scheme) makes less sense than trading a 3rd rounder for a broken Hakeem Nicks.

If we drop a 2nd rounder on any player it'll be Josh Gordon and that won't happen.
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