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Joe Montana: City wasted opportunity

SF wasn't interested in doing anything for the Niners until they (49ers) had a legitimate opportunity and plans laid out for Santa Clara. Once that happened, they (city) hastily threw together some poorly thought out ideas. Once those were rejected, they attempted to make the team the bad guys in the press. Once that didn't work they then tried to make it illegal for the team to use the SF name (via Senate bill proposal) if outside of the city limit.

The city is NOT the good guy here. The city was definitely the bully. We kicked the bully in the nuts and now they won't (can't) pick on us anymore.
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Originally posted by itlynstalyn:
at people saying they love Candlestick.

Thanks for the memories, but I can't wait to not have to be at this dump on Sundays.

This. The memories shared in Candlestick is probably the only highlight of the entire stadium. Other than that, the place is a dump and I cannot wait for the new stadium to open so the team can make new memories there. Long overdue but it's finally happening.
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Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
You raise a reasonable point.

The 49ers could have played an entire season at Stanford, demo'd the stick and built a new stadium on site.

Vikings are doing something similar with new stadium.

However the counterpoint in all this is that if building a fancy stadium was the bigger priority , it might not have been feasible in the SF city limits. Especially when you consider super bowl hosting and other marquee events, it becomes trickier.

Apparently you've never been to Candlestick before... The problem is there's only 1 way in and 1 way out... Not enough access.
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