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Do the 49ers have to run the table to get homefield advantage and win the NFC West?

Do the 49ers have to run the table to get homefield advantage and win the NFC West?

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Originally posted by kray28:
Originally posted by 951NINER:
Super Bowl teams are able to win on the road in any environment. Just look at the recent winners. Baltimore went to Den and NE last year to get to the dance. The Giants prior to that had to go through GB at Lambeau and through us at the Stick. It just seems that's the way it has to be to get the ultimate glory.

Like it or not the road BACK to the SB goes through SEA at the C-Link. Only an injury to R. Wilson would derail that prediction. We are tough enough to go back to Seattle if need be with a healthy roster and win. Maybe not dominate but we can win there. We have before and we can do it again.

This is a good point. At some point you have to take your medicine and win the tough game...and really earn the championship.

Well, I don't disagree soon or later we will have to beat then up at CLink cos we can't avoid them forever. But, as for us winning up there, let's just say I am not going to lay my entire life savings on it when we have already been totally creamed twice in a row.

To add, without an additional deep threat who can burn the Legion of Boom, I just don't think we have enough firepower to give us a legit chance. The Colts only just managed it thanks in most part to TY Hilton who was able to consistently beat out Sherman to get open. Even with Mario and Crab back, I still don't think is enough.
Seadderal hasn't hit any kind of a slump yet

It is inevitable in any NFL season, except the truly great all time teams (Dolphins, Steelers, '84 9ers, 85 Bears, 2007 Patriots). We already went through a tough patch and we are now rolling. I don't see them running the table.
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