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This team can win the Superbowl

With Crabtree and Manningham back on the field right around the corner, this secondary catching a pro bowl stride, Gore movin it, Reid slammin it, the NFL's best offensive line, Kaep starting to put touch on passes like we've not seen before that are flat out greatness, Boldin, top tier special teams...and a focus and attitude that is obvious...

This team may just win the Superbowl.

Or am I wrong?
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one game at a time son.
Originally posted by susweel:
one game at a time son.

This doot aint never lied
The ingredients are all here. QB, running game, defense, special teams. We definitely have what it takes.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Originally posted by susweel:
one game at a time son.

This doot aint never lied

Tell that to Schlefter.
I honestly think the only team standing in our way is the Seahawks. We have not really proven we can beat them down like theyve done to us twice in their house. We should be at full strength when we meet in December so that game will be critical. I honestly don't care who has homefield in the playoffs, I just don't want the Hawks to have it.
Originally posted by NC49erfan82:

The Seahawks have no,Wrs and harvin is more of a screen pass catcher not a downfield threat at all. And not to mention the Seahawks still can't be considered a good team on the road. Houston dominated them, Carolina kicked their ass around quite a bit so if they don't have home field advantage, they are merely a solid team. The niners on the other hand are very good at home AND away. Playing at Seattle will suck but if we actually beat them at our house like we usually do (see Russell's choke fest against us last year) we shouldn't have to worry that much. Especially if we have crabtree Manningham and hopefully Aldon smith back
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can we at least make the playoffs before we talk about the 'ship?

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