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Aldon Smiths Mother #GetBackSoonAldon

I was just going to post this in the Aldon Smith thread. Nice to see.
The 49ers did right by Aldon. The 49ers are a 1st class organization from top to bottom and don't hink for a minute that Aldon's mother/family and other players around the league don't see it. Aldon will be a better person and the 49ers will be a better team for it.
I also think it was a class move to pay Aldon his entire salary while on NFI. Also was great to hear Aldon's mom was at the Titans game. I like that she is supporting both Aldon and the 49ers, and not saying her son doesn't have a problem. Classy lady, A good amount would say this is the teams fault, or their son is not like that, or doesn't have issues.
I miss you Aldon
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
I miss you Aldon

I hope he returns better and with a motivation to be clean and work his ass off. I hope he does, because I hated saying I wouldn't pick his option up, but I am now saying that I support them picking his option up. Keep Aldon around as long as possible. He is an elite pass rusher, need him and Kap for the future.
Aldon Smiths mother is a Wonderful woman to come out and Chill with the Faithful Im Glad the fans gave her something to smile about
Thats whats up.
Kick ass on the field brotha.Be patient and be humble.
2 DUIs and a felony gun charge in 2 years


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That was awesome. I'm hoping he comes back strong and with his head on straight. The organization did the right thing sticking with him and getting him help. Most teams would still be playing him until the NFL.

We're playing good without him, just imagine when he comes back and comes back hungry and motivated.
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2 DUIs and a felony gun charge in 2 years



I'm pretty sure she was pissed though.
I will say that this bodes well for Aldon Smith in terms of his longterm future with the team. If everything works out in terms of his personal life and legal troubles, I'm pretty confident he'll be back on a cap friendly deal.
i met her and the family at the players hotel his rookie yr.... nice woman
Aldon is going to come back bigger, stronger, and better than before!
Focused Bionic Aldon!
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