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Top Performing 49ers

Originally posted by 24plus25er:

Frank, Cowboy, Willis, Lee and Vernon.

On the brink;

Bowman, Brock, Reid, Miller, Brooks and our entire offensive line.

Long shot;

Kap, Hitner, Boldin.

No way Willis is a lock and Bowman on the brink. They are probably both locks, but if one is on the brink THIS YEAR, it should be Willis. Bowman has been an absolute beast.
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Originally posted by NinerBuff:
Willis and Justin will make it off notoritiy alone.
Larry Fitzgerald/Jake Locker already preserved their votes for Pat and Justin

Originally posted by saj4423:
I don't care how many make it, I just hope none of them can play in it.
Absolutely this!
Good list. The only area where the Niners don't have Pro Bowl talent is at WR. Every other major position group has someone playing at a very high level. Imagine how good this team will be when they're totally healthy?
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