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Name a 49er You Respect

Originally posted by 5280High:
Originally posted by zaghawk:
Niner I respect = Gore, the guy plays hard, on/off field just does his work. Also doesn't complain about calls stuff like that. Just plays the game and works within what he can control.

Niner I don't respect = CK. As the franchise QB you're the face of your team. That whole Dolphins hat thing was silly and at first I was thinking oh well dumb move, move past it. However, when he started with the whole "you must be bored" or whatever to your own team's passionate fans because they were upset about it. I thought that was really disrespectful. You can't blame a team's fans for being a little upset/disappointed that their own franchise QB was caught wearing a hat for another team in the NFL.

Those were immature antics for sure... but if you read up on Kap and his upbringing and dedication, its extremely hard not to respect the kid. Just like its hard not to respect Mr. Cliche Wilson even though hes on a team full of D-bags lol.

i kind fo agree with zag about the response but i think kap just got caught up in the whole fame thing so fast that he didnt transition into it and learn how to handle it. hes matured a lot just this season alone to how he treats the media and every niner player would go to war for kap. everyone loves him and he busts his ass to be the best he can possibly be. i love kap and his attitude is something i like out of a qb. its good to see some fire and that he doesnt want to be pushed around by anyone. russell wilson is a great qb and he seems like a good dude but his cliche media answers and squeaky clean image he's made for himself make him look kind of fake to me. he acts like hes captain america or some s**t
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WTF I respect all of them, can't name one I don't respect....OK wait Lawrence Phillips.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
WTF I respect all of them, can't name one I don't respect....OK wait Lawrence Phillips.

And Balmer... both those guys deserve no respect whatsoever.
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