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I found the SOLUTION to the 49ers Pass Rush!!!!

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Da Zone



That is too perfect!
Nice try.
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nah, our pass rush will do fine, we have Tennessee and Jacksonville, what Locker/Fiztpatrick, and Gabbert/Henne, not worried that much. We should get to the QB easy.

Plus Tank and Dial will be back after bye week. Imagine on game day, Justin-Dorsey-McDonald, if healthy, then Dial and Tank rotating. Dobbs is likely cut, or barely keeps his spot. For sure TJE is cut. We wont keep 8 DL.

McDonald is and for the rest of this season, be only a shell of what he truly is with that torn bicep. We need Tank and Dial to really step up and Aldon and Dorsey to come back. I would only keep McDonald around until these things happen and then shelve him for the rest of the year. Only surgery will get him well.
Getting to the QB in the American Athletic Conference is probably easier than accomplishing the same feat in the NFL. Jus' sayin'!
Let's move Manny Lawson to safety as well.
Lets trade him for LMJ
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Lets trade him for LMJ

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