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I found the SOLUTION to the 49ers Pass Rush!!!!

I remember Bruce Miller when he was at Central Florida. I thought to myself, this guy was a BADASS DE/OLB Passrusher and offense disrupter, WHY not put him in on Pass Rushes too along with his Fullback duties along with LemonYAY and Justin. I bet dude can still get after the QBS!!
We have a problem with the pass rush?
Well kind of Since Aldon is in rehab and facing jail and/or suspension.
This is a BRILLIANT idea
He's too valuable as a FB.
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
This is a BRILLIANT idea

I personally haven't seen him play the position, but my guess is that the coaching staff wouldn't want to risk injury on a midseason experiment.
I never like to just flat out call an idea by a fellow Niner fan stupid, but this beyond dumb. Miller is a FB, not a DE/OLB, the 49ers converted him because he's not an NFL defender, much less the "solution" to our "pass rush problems".
Posted the same thing yesterday in another thread.he was q beast in college and wouldn't cost a roster move. Id give him a go if tanks not ready by the bye week and Mcdonald still ineffective with torn bicep.

This would only make sense if he were a back up FB but hes a starter and a pretty good one at that. There is no way they risk injuring there starting FB for this. Carradine and DIal should play soon Aldon maybe who knows.
nah, our pass rush will do fine, we have Tennessee and Jacksonville, what Locker/Fiztpatrick, and Gabbert/Henne, not worried that much. We should get to the QB easy.

Plus Tank and Dial will be back after bye week. Imagine on game day, Justin-Dorsey-McDonald, if healthy, then Dial and Tank rotating. Dobbs is likely cut, or barely keeps his spot. For sure TJE is cut. We wont keep 8 DL.
I think it's too much to ask a guy to play both ways in the NFL. High school and maybe college is one thing but NFL is a whole lot different. I'm blanking right now but isn't he on ST as well? I think that would mess with his FB play. He might be a little too small for OLB as well... from what I see he was around 254 when he came in and is 248 now. He lost weight and got quicker since he's been here. Maybe when he 1st came into the league but now that he is one of the best FBs in the league doesn't make sense. You have to remember the guy would have to learn the defensive playbook as well. Seems like it would be something you mess with in the offseason not in the middle of the season.
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And if he got injured, you could kiss our running game goodbye - the only reason why we're staying in games ATM. Not gonna happen. We're doing just fine with the pass rush.
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