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The problem is that Smith was never able to do more than that, and Kaepernick is a young quarterback going through some growing pains right now. That's why the offense is/was dumbed down. What you are seeing is basically the Alex Smith offense with a bit more of vertical plays. As long as Kaepernick isn't showing enough consistency and as long as Roman and Harbaugh have to field receivers whom they don't trust this won't change.

My guess is that you'll see something more of a pro-style WCO after the bye, maybe even not until Crabtree is back on the field which means basically playoffs.

Remember last season's playoffs? The offense showed plays the had never run before in the whole season. They are holding stuff back on purpose again. As long as they can win with this type of offense they'll take it.

Against Seattle the team has been in the game for almost three quarters and against the Colts they lost it in the fourth. Forget this media b******t about "outscored by a mile" in these two games. Especially the Colts game was awfully close until the point where Roman lost his marbles and called plays like a beheaded chicken.

Harbaugh and Roman aren't stupid. They know what they are doing. Where they sometimes fail (horribly) is in the heat of the game. That's why Roman looks great at times and atrocious in other instances. Same with Harbaugh. When he gets too emotional and the game is close he starts making mistakes, too. But they do know that the best offenses don't work like that which is exactly the reason why they're not doing it like them. They know that their personnel isn't gifted enough to execute an offense in the mold of the Packers, Broncos or Saints.

Regarding the bolded. I think it's a huge gamble to move towards a WCO at that stage in the season, and at this stage in Kap's career. Are we willing to put up with a young QB's struggles as he tries to grasp WCO fundamentals during a championship run? WCO would be totally different from anything Kap has had to do in college and in his short NFL career. I do not want Harbaugh to put the season in danger because he wants to install a new offense. I understand you may not be talking in absolute terms, meaning you are not implying "let's go full throttle with the WCO". Do we know if HaRo even has experience in a WCO and is capable of teaching it?

I'm glad you brought up the underlined point, above. There are two ways a coaching staff can approach things as it comes to the playbook. Do they unleash 100% of the playbook in week 1 and give the NFL a lot to think about when it comes to game planning against the 49ers? Or do they reveal about 75% (hypothetical numbers), then reveal another 5% every week as the season progresses, to catch teams off guard with new looks. Of course, all the while thinking of new wrinkles. I'm sure every coach has their own take on this.

You alluded to last season and it fully supports your claim that this coaching staff does hide parts of their playbook. The pistol was seen here and there in weeks 11-17. Then when the playoffs rolled around, it was predominantly a pistol offense. Surprise, NFL! So I wonder what changes are in store for this year. I seriously doubt we see anything that resembles a WCO this season. Of course, this is all just speculation on my part. I just see a lot that may go wrong and the stakes are very high with this team.