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18 play drive in the fourth quarter

Originally posted by Ronnie49Lott:

"The Cards completely and utterly shut down Frank Gore.

Before the game he was averaging just under 97 yards a game. . . including blasting for over 43 yards against the Colts and nearly 17 yards against the Seahawks. The Cardinals 3rd ranked rushing defense limited Gore to only 101 yards, only four over his average, while limiting the entire 49er team to a measly 149 yards rushing, only 7 yards more than their season average!!

A good example of the Cardinals total dominance was at the end of the 3rd quarter and start of the fourth when it took the 49ers over 9 minutes to go 83 yards for a touchdown. Gore was held to only 41 yards in those nine minutes!!

But then again. . . isn't this what we've come to expect from a Bowles defense!!

I can't imagine how any Card fan could ever think that Thursday night's game against Coach Double Rainbow and the Seachickens will be anything but a roll-over laugh-er for the Mighty Fighting Red. . . . . ."

He's the worst kind of pissed off. Where you're so cynical it seems like you're serious.
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Originally posted by AB81Rules:
I kinda hope Roman bolts for USC, and Rathman gets the OC job. But wonder if he is content with the RB Coach job.

Are there any rumors about Roman going to the University of Spoiled Children?
Originally posted by Memphis9er:
Kubiak would be a good play caller, and he is proven. It's not really his fault that his mediocre qb has melted down. Schaub was never really very good anyway, just a product of a system.

Um....NO he wouldn't.

He is predictable as sh!t, plus he runs a Zone blocking scheme.
That Card rant was damn funny. Well written, but not so well-read by some it seems...
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