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Where: New Orleans

When : Sunday, November 17, 2013

Time: 1:25 PM PST
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Go 49ers!

- 98
Panthers D = Ferrari
Saints D = A Yugo

Our O will put up a much better effort
Kap will throw for 60 yards.
Please beat that saints ass. Run it right down there sewer breathe throats
Originally posted by AlohaBruh:
Kap will throw for 60 yards.
But only 15 net yards after he takes 10 sacks for 45 yards.
If the play calling doesn't improve we will loose to the saints and the redskins!!!!!
  • mayo49
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All our players are hurt. Got to chalk up this one to the Saints.
After watching Kaep today, I can't say we will win with confidence, but anything is possible. Tough venue to go on the road in though.

Do we have to start talking about this one already? Not liking our chances, but I'm hoping we bounce back.
Go 49ers!
We got this.
Gonna get raped 42-13
  • LVJay
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If we do awful on offense, Roman/Kap should wear paperbags on head at practice!
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