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Early Contender for DRoY

Reid should be in the discussion.

Alonso is piling up some impressive numbers.

Personally, I think Sheldon Richardson has been the best rookie so far.
Originally posted by 24plus25er:
Kiko by a long shot my ass... at the end of the day the voters are going to side with the player from the team with the better defense overall and better record. Kiko is a good player but comparing him to Reed is a push at best. We still have plenty off games left to play so only time will tell how all this plays out.

What about when Luke Kechley won it? Pretty sure he was the only good thing about that Carolina defense and their record wasn't too beautiful.
This really hurts:

I'm not sure if this qualifies as niner talk or not, but I think there is a relevant lesson to learn here.

1) Baalke has proven yet again he can find talent, at a position where the niners hadn't invested many resources recently, late in the draft
2) The coaching staff has cut yet another talented player. This happened to a lesser degree before with Philip Adams, who was also a talented, 7th rd CB
3) This is validation for Baalke's strategy of collecting 7th round picks. There's real talent there!
4) Can't help but think what could have been. How good would our secondary rebuild be with Cooper and Reid (we also wanted the Honeybadger, which would have completed the db overhaul)... but it is what it is, so what's the point?
I think they shoulda kept him. It was obvious to me in the preseason. But they kept the old fart nandi. Shoulda coulda woulda.
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Originally posted by OregonDuckNiner:
Originally posted by ninerjok:
Not only is he a early contender for defensive rookie of the year he's a leading contender for the award.

No, that would be Kiko Alonso, and by a long shot. And that's not taking anything away from Reid's play this year.

Yup. Kiko has 44 tackles, 1 sack, 1 FF, 1 FR, and 4 int's on the season.

That's why I said "a leading" instead of "the leading" contender for DROY. Of course there's other worthy candidates.
How did Nnamdi get a roster spot over Cooper? What a waste since Nnamdi will essentially be a bench warmer the whole year unless/until he gets cut

Oh well. Next years draft is loaded with CBs.
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