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Jerry Rice says "the Niners are struggling."

Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by jimmythegreekjr:
When Marc Trestman (bears head coach was the offensive coordinator for SF) Jerry Rice proclaimed " the offense ain't clickin' " during the season. Yes it wasn't..and it isn't now. So he when says the Niners are struggling...he as receiver is pointing to the QB and passing game.

LOL, yet he had the best season of his entire career with Trestman calling the plays and the 49ers offense was still ranked 2nd in the NFL with absolutely no running game to speak of. Years later Rice, reunited with Trestman in Oakland, basically admitted as much. Trestman did an AMAZING job that year, the only reason he got fired was a hyper overreaction to losing to the Packers again.

The 49ers ended up beating the eventual Superbowl winning Cowboys, in Dallas, without Steve Young, with Grbac starting and Rice having his best game of the season.

I honestly don't know what people expected from Trestman when Derek Loville was your RB, in most of the games that season, the 49ers didn't go over 100 yards rushing. In the playoff game that they lost against Green Bay, Young led the team in rushing with 80 yards, nobody else had more than 10. The passing game was fine, Rice had 1800 yards receiving that season, the running game, or lack of it, was the issue and just like now, it was connected to a lack of available suitable personnel.

I honestly believe that had the 49ers re-signed Ricky Watters, they could have won at least another 2 Superbowl's before their window closed.

you're probably right. i also wanted garrison heart right when he moved on from the cardinals, but he went to the bengals for a season before joining the 49ers. i always wondered had we gotten him in 1996 in stead of 1997 would we have had enough to win it all.

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Originally posted by jreff22:
So now jerry doesn't know what he's talking about....that's what some are believing?

If he actually said we could easily be 1-4, I'd definitely say he doesn't know what he's talking about.
It's hard for me to like Rice. He was great while he played, but he's annoyed me every since he left the team. Signing with the Raiders was just the beginning.
Jerry!.......... Jerry!.......... Jerry!
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