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Who is the #1 true Captain of this team. (Players)

Who is the #1 true Captain of this team. (Players)

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^^ LOL Okoye!

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Originally posted by trellblaze:
I've watched almost every Pat Willis Mic'd up session there is. He almost never shuts From the field to the sideline, he owns the defense. Check out the one from the Rams game a few years ago when we damn near set a record in penalties. He was clearly upset about all the offsides penalties.

Talk about off-sides penalties.
I swear Brooks almost looks like he is TRYING to get at least one off-sides penalty a game. I am screaming, "Can't you even SEE where the ball is? Can't you SEE you are standing over it?"
Erick Reid climbing the ranks.
Lol, I picked Staley and forgot about Gore for some reason! LOL. And Justin and Willis, lol. But Staley is a solid dude!!

Brain fart.
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