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How many catches will Jon Baldwin have today?

How many catches will Jon Baldwin have today?

Just curious how my fellow Niner fans see Jon Baldwin doing today.

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I'm guessing 2
2-5 with a TD and we win.
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Well, the most receptions he's ever had in a regular season game is five.

  • mayo49
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4 catches, 75 yds, TD.
they throw to him 3 times and he gets 2 grabs.
I'm assuming anywhere between 2-4 targets on 3rd downs.

As teams focus on Vernon and Anquan on sure passing downs, his activity will be much needed.
Originally posted by mayo49:
4 catches, 75 yds, TD.

If that happens I would just be
9 catches 135 yards and a fumble.
3 grabs, 46 yards and a 17 yard td

More than one, less than a million, safe to say.
more then aj jenkins
15 targets 10 catches 122 yards 2 tds
I think if he get established early with a quick catch or two he can see more action in the second half.

If that happens I say 6-7 targets and 4-5 catches.
3 catches, but will drop a pass and everyone on the WZ will flip out. Especially Phoenix since he will be screaming for Qinton Patton to come back the whole game anyway
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