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My Top 5 Things That Will Make/Break Our SB Run

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Originally posted by LoneWolf:
There is only one thing that can make or break the 49ers chances at a Super Bowl............................. The 49ers


Even if we enter the playoffs as a wildcard (we could be going in healthier than we've ever been all season)... could be underdogs in two of those matchups (the underdog role will be good for us though). If the coaches get it together by then, we'll be the most dangerous team in the playoffs!
We have the right players.

Our D is playing VERY good football, even w/injuries. Look how many 3& out our offense had and the score was still one point!

Our play calling is our BIGGEST problem.

It could be on Roman or JH or both but it's the play calling.
What is this 4th and 6 business? I was pretty drunk during the superbowl and I refuse to re-watch the game.
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