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PFF 49ers Ranking (thanks Phoenix49ers)

According to PFF's rankings, the top 3 players on the defense are as follow:

1. Glenn Dorsey-Overall 8.2 score

2. NaVorro Bowman-Overall 5.4 score

3. Aldon Smith-Overall 5.2 score

The three worst ranked on defense are as follow:

1. Nmandi Asomugha-Overall -3.9 score

2. Carlos Rogers-Overall -2.5 score

3. Craig Dahl-Overall -1.4 score

The top three ranked players on offense are as follows:

1. Frank Gore-Overall 3.9 score

2. Bruce Miller-Overall 2.4 score

3. Vernon Davis-Overall 2.2 score

The lowest ranked three players on offense are as follows:

1. Colin Kaepernick-Overall -9.4 score

2. Vance McDonald-Overall -4.3 score

3. Kyle Williams-Overall -3.7 score

According to PFF, Goodwin and Iupati are both struggling and in the negative while Alex Boone has performed the best out of the 49ers OL thus far this season. Iupati especially has done terribly in pass-blocking while Goodwin has been lousy in run-blocking. Gore has done very well in pass-blocking and Miller has done a good job in run blocking.

On defense, Asomugha has been bad in basically everything..pass stopping, just bad all over the place. Brooks and Dorsey have been outstanding against the run while Justin Smith and Ray McDonald have been iffy. Bowman, Aldon and Justin have been the most effective when it comes to rushing the passer.

Brock, Reid and Whitner have all been solid in pass coverage while Brown and Rogers have struggled.

Wilhoite has done poorly overall.

Dorsey is playing better than Williams was, at least based on PFF's rankings.

Dahl has been bad all over the place on defense
Special Teams

Top 3 Special Teams Players(not including kicker or punter)

1. Craig Dahl-Overall has a 2.5 rating
2. Anthony Dixon-Overall has a 1.9 rating
3. Nate Stupar-Overall has a 1.5 rating

Worst 3 Special Teams Players(not including kicker or punter)

1. Tramaine Brock-Overall has a -5.0 rating
2. CJ Spillman-Overall has a -3.0 rating
3. Perrish Cox-Overall has a -2.8 rating
*Kassim Osgood-Overall has a -2.0 rating
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Some more stats

Passing Offense

The 49ers passing offense has been most effective on 10-19 yard passes towards the center of the field. It has been utterly ineffective on 0-9 yard passes to the left and middle of the field.

In total there have been 10 dropped passes and 2 batted passes for the season.

Kaepernick has a QB rating of 65 when he's not blitzed, and a QB rating of 118 when blitzed, he's thrown for 3 TD's when blitzed.

Under pressure, his QB rating drops down to 18.5, with no pressure, his QB rating is 103.


49ers have had their best success running the ball from behind right tackle right guard and the full back. Both TE's have been iffy run-blocking and Goodwin has been pretty terrible when run-blocking.

49ers are averaging 3 ypc when running at left end......and 7.4 ypc when running at right end.

Hunter is averaging 5.0 ypc when running behind middle right and 9 ypc when running behind Boone.

Gore is averaging 5.0 ypc running behind right tackle, 3.1 ypc running behind left tackle, 3.2 ypc behind Iupati and 5.7 ypc running behind middle right.

Overall, their effectiveness when running OR throwing the ball to the left has been terrible.

Running behind just left tackle and left guard, they are averaging 3.1 and 2.1 ypc respectively while running behind right guard and right tackle has produced averages of 6.6 and 5.5 ypc.
Individual Results

Best Games

Boldin vs Green Bay-5.0

Kaepernick vs Green Bay-1.6

Gore vs Indy-2.4

Alex Boone vs Indy-2.4

Bruce Miller vs St Louis-3.0

Anthony Davis vs Indy/Green Bay-2.4

Ray McDonald vs Indy-2.4

Glenn Dorsey vs St Louis-4.8

Bowman vs St Louis-5.5

Aldon Smith vs Seattle-3.6

Whitner vs Seattle-2.4

Staley vs St Louis-6.8


Asomugha vs Seattle -3.9

Carlos Rogers vs Indy -1.5

Justin Smith vs St Louis -1.5

Craig Dahl vs Seattle -2.0

Kaepernick vs Seattle -4.8

Boldin vs Seattle -3.2

Staley vs Seattle -3.0

Kyle Williams vs Indy -2.0

Mike Iupati vs Seattle -6.3

Bruce Miller vs Seattle -3.2
Overall NFL Rankings for 49ers players

Kaepernick is currently the 33rd ranked QB according to PFF, second to last on their list.

Gore is the 8th ranked RB

Bruce Miller is the 4th ranked FB.

Boldin is the 40th ranked WR

VD is the 13th ranked TE

Glenn Dorsey is the 2nd ranked Nose tackle

Whitner is the 9th ranked safety

Brown is the 45th ranked CB

Craig Dahl is ranked 13th among all special teams players

Alex Boone is 14th among all guards

Joe Staley is 30th among all tackles
Goodwin is 25th among all centers

Bowman is 2nd and Willis 10th among all ILB's.
Thanks Kid.

As far as the 49ers next opponent goes, here is where Houston falls under PFF's system.

They are ranked 19th in total offense.

They are ranked 7th in passing offense

3rd in rushing offense

They rank dead last in pass blocking in the NFL and rank 7th in run blocking.


They are ranked 17th in overall defense.

11th in rushing defense.

9th in pass rush.

22nd in pass coverage.

They rank dead last in the NFL in defensive penalties.

Special Teams

They rank 21st in special teams. Lechler has been outstanding as a punter, their coverage guys however have been average or worse, far worse in some cases.

Best performing players

WR-Andre Johnson 7.0
WR-DeAndre Hopkins 3.1
OL-Chris Myers 8.7
DE-JJ Watt 27.9( )
OLB-Whitney Mercilus 2.6
S-Ed Reed 2.0

Worst Performing Players

OL-Derek Newton -9.3
OL-Wade Smith -2.0 (In general most of their OL has struggled to pass-block)
WR-Keyshawn Martin -2.0
LB-Brooks Reed -7.3
LB-Daryl Sharpton -3.9
S-DJ Swearinger -3.0
DL-Earl Mitchell -3.0

Defensively they have been more penalized than the 49ers have. Their special teams coverage isn't very good, their pass blocking is terrible, they are very good at run blocking, their tight ends however do a terrible job of run blocking, their most effective runs are behind left and right guard.

Schaub's QB rating drops to 70 when he is blitzed, he has thrown 4 of his 6 INT's on blitzes. With no pressure on him is QB rating is 106, with pressure it goes down to 57.1

The largest chunk of their passing offense has been 10-19 yards down the middle of the field, Schaub has a QB rating of 105 when targeting that portion of the field.
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Thanks to both of you.
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Thanks to both of you.

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this seems like it would be very helpful...

for Fantasy Football
Also, to keep some of these numbers in perspective, here are some 49ers rankings from 2011 and 2012 on defense.

2011 Numbers

Justin Smith- 46.5
Ray McDonald 30.3

Soap 5.0

Aldon 34.0

Whitner 11.3

Goldson -5.6

Willis 20.6

Carlos Rogers 11.3

2012 Numbers

Ray McDonald 10.7

Justin Smith 22.5

Soap -12.0(worst ranked NT in the NFL)
Aldon 24.0

Bowman 11.3

Willis 22.0

Goldson 6.5

Whitner -1.7

Tarell Brown 10.5

Chris Culliver 5.7

Carlos Rogers 2.1
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Originally posted by boast:
this seems like it would be very helpful...

for Fantasy Football

Dude, I get it, you don't like stats, how many more sarcastic comments do you want to leave in this thread today?
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Boldin is the only 49ers receiver in the positive, the rest are all negative with Kyle Williams the worst at a -3.7. The Indy game cost him a lot, PFF gave him a horrendous ranking for that game. Marlon Moore too, he played 23 snaps against Indy, did nothing. Williams got less than half his normal snaps against the Rams. Boldin's only really bad game was against Seattle where he got docked for not getting separation, for poor run-blocking and being hit with penalties.

So far PFF is neutral on Baldwin, he's played a total of 16 snaps so far which I imagine will increase starting this Sunday.
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Some of this seems to jibe with what I've been seeing, especially with the Iupati pass rush problem. It just seems Kap has close to nothing, time-wise, to let the ball go or scramble...

I haven't put a stopwatch to it, though...
Originally posted by TyCore:
Some of this seems to jibe with what I've been seeing, especially with the Iupati pass rush problem. It just seems Kap has close to nothing, time-wise, to let the ball go or scramble...

I haven't put a stopwatch to it, though...

Looking at their numbers, Iupati has been average as a pass blocker other than the Seattle game where he did REALLY, REALLY bad. Against the Rams he did extremely well as a run blocker. For a lot of the guys on the offensive line, the Seattle game is still bringing them down, that was a terrible game for pretty much everyone on the OL other than Alex Boone. Goodwin however has consistently struggled to run block this season, unusual because last season he had some success run-blocking, he had a monster game the first time they played Seattle last year.

Anthony Davis had very good games pass-blocking against Green Bay and Indy, but a very bad game against Seattle and a so-so game against the Rams.

On defense, Brooks struggled against Green Bay but has been improving every single week since, he particularly was highly effective in stopping the run against Seattle. Not much of a pass rush contribution but his run defense rankings are very good.

Aldon did a good job stopping the run against Seattle, as well as in the pass rush. His entire game against Indy is neutral in almost every way, just looking at the numbers you could tell his head was not in the game.

Whitner had very good games against Seattle and the Rams but got beat up vs Indy, he'd be ranked a lot higher but he struggled against the Colts.

Carlos Rogers has been average other than getting lit up by the Colts.

Dorsey did solidly against Seattle, struggled against Indy and absolutely beasted on St Louis.

Tarell Brown was destroyed against Indy, lit up in pass coverage but he got back to business and did well against the Rams.
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Vance McDonald thus far has struggled as a run blocker but he's been improving and the numbers reflect that. The Green Bay game was a disaster for him as far as run blocking is concerned but he's been steadily getting better. He did fine in pass blocking against Seattle and Indy.
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