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Read Option

Watched an NFL film on Archie Manning, and without the producers knowing so, they caught footage of Archie Manning running a Read Option for Ole Miss decades ago. He ran it to perfection and was a phenom, beating one team 80 to 8.

Fast forward to the modern era. Nothing since, until the 49ers, upon Harbaugh and Kaepernick arriving on the scene. As far as I know.

Harbaugh is a little like Walsh, but no one can be Walsh. He does study the game.

He knew Kaep could do what was done then but with a cherry on top, you get Kaep some daylight and he is gone in a big way.

Now the NFL is game planning it. We barely run it this year.

They will adjust to more of a pocket presence until the playoffs.

When the road to the Bowl is on the line then, great D coordinators know it will be coming and will have things in place to see and react to it. But they know in their spine they will be on their heels. We are keeping it quiet and they know it.

And they fear all the game planning they haven't seen during the regular season out of the 49ers once its playoff time.

Walsh did that too.

Playoffs looked a lot different on 49er Superbowl runs in the playoffs. Stuff no one saw coming out of nowhere and Rice is GONE.

I do believe the read option can be effective when utilize sparingly. Meaning maybe only 10~20% of the time, as it can catch a defense off guard. It just gives the opposing defense another wrinkle in the offense to think about and defend against.

Likewise, I do not think the read option can be utilize the majority of the time.

This is how teams like Seattle uses the read option with R Wilson.
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My comment is it is too early to say the read option is dead. But, even if it was, to me mobile QBs is still the way forward cos just the scrambling alone can kill you. If you look at Kap's rushing, most of them are scrambles as opposed to designed runs.

As for the read option/ Pistol, I just feel teams have not evolved it enough to provide extra protection to neutralize the spy. Personally, I don't think is dead, it will stay as part of the offense for teams that run it, but just not as a mainstay.
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It needs to be used in conjunction with our normal effective running attack. I've seen other teams use it effectively because they don't use it all the time. We have this perception of being a "read option team", so we need to step away from it a bit so it can surprise again. The most important thing is that we run the ball traditionally, then everything else will work.
playoffs? lol


Problem with that?
Originally posted by 49erWay:


Problem with that?

The goal is to provoke. There's a word for a poster like that, but you can't use it around here without getting penalized.
Originally posted by 49erWay:


Problem with that?

Actually do. Until we can correct our mishaps, playoffs is too far away. That and the fact that we're only in our 5th game. Take it one game at a time...

- 98
We might not even make the playoffs lol

and even if we do, we arent getting to the superbowl if Seattle takes the #1 seed.
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If Harbaugh and Co. are saving things for the playoffs and thinking that far ahead, then he is not a good coach. Geez, who would be Rice on our team right now that he's waiting to unleash these plays with?
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The NFL is a game of schemes and plan.

You can win a Superbowl with Paul Hofer, Lenville Elliot, Freddie Soloman, and some really slow unathletic lanky loser named Dwight Clark.

None of them would make it to Madden 2013.

But they might just make it to a Superbowl.
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