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Does Jim want Rice working with our guys?

What does this say about his WR coach if we have to go technically outside the organization to teach our guys better technique and work effort?

Do you think the GOAT is going to work for FREE?!

I just think this is a non-story in so many ways... As dear and near as legends are to our heart they aren't always the best option for being a coach. If that was the case Aikman would be the HC of the Cowboys and not his ex-backup QB.

Jim did sign Moss last year more as a mentor then a real player so why not let them work out with Rice you get more skill and 10x's the work ethic with them training/learning from Rice then they did Moss. But Im sure if the players wanted to work out with Rice or learn from Rice chance is they would have to go out of there way to do so, because I don't see us firing a WR coach right now, but that could have been what rice meant as well. Just like with AJ he didn't say he wanted to join the coaching staff, he wanted to work with AJ privately, personally I think that the one receiver we have that could benefit the most from private lessons from Rice on anything receiver related would be the one most interested in working with him (Patton). Rice is also a fitness-a-holic so if one or two of our receivers trained with him and talked football a few times during there free time I doubt hes really going to ask for money, he loves the organization, and I doubt hes gunna charge people to join in on something he was already doing. I understand the points you make but it really doesn't say alot if a player wants private mentoring or training outside of the organization, if it did why was there a lack of negative noise related to the staff about all the private lessons our players were getting in the off season. Weight rooms were open all the time and instead Aldon was training with a MMA trainer. Sure it made news but I heard nothing negative about our trainers related to it. All it means is our players are going above and beyond what NFL organizations provide, to expand there skills.