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49ers vs rams Picture Thread

Props for the pics to

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Good stuff, thanks
Horizontal Boldin! What a play.
Thanks Stoney. Some really neat pictures from the game, especially of Boldin and Gore. Also, Rams "white out" idea for a prime time game didn't go so well. Was a lot of red in the stands and turned into a home game for the 49ers. Not a good game for them when they had legends like Bruce, Warner, Faulk, Williams, Pace, etc in the building.
Mcleod, Jr. was getting posterized football-style on Gore's long TD run. He's also the punk who jumped up behind Alex Boone with a cheapshot after some play and Boone turned around shoving him back which drew a 15-yd penalty. I still don't get how they never flag the first guy. Another thing is the team should always wear home unis on the road. Worked out pretty well.

Heisman hahaha
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so there are 49ers fans that made the trip......
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Heisman hahaha

flat footed. cut him
It's been awhile since we've had a WR like Boldin. He's getting up there in age but we sure could've used him long before this season.

Originally posted by pdizo916:
so there are 49ers fans that made the trip......

Great pics!! I just wanted to give props to all the 9ers fans that showed up. It really blew me away seeing that much red in the stands. Our fans were outstanding that night! I had club level seats and was surrounded by 49ers fans all were bringing it too! It was my first win ever and I milked it for all it was worth. I stayed and cheered every last player off the field. Also wanted to give the Rams fans some love as well. Every single one of them was respectful and very enjoyable to meet and speak with. I've never been to an away game where I was treated with as much respect as I was that night. GO NINERS GO!!
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