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correction: John York until recently WAS head of the NFL's int'l committee (it's now headed by the chiefs' owner)....york stepped down to head the league's new "health & safety" committee (makes sense I suppose since he's a retired doctor)...still, I think he was still head when the jags and niners were selected a year ago
Yeah, wouldn't be surprised if John volunteered to help us get SB 50 as well. We are trying to get a bigger fan base around the world. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if we played the Raiders over there just so we don't have any incidents at Oakland.

We play at the Giants next year so could be like this year and fly straight over to London. We also play the NFC South same place team on the road which would be Carolina so if that stays and we end up playing Oakland over there it would be one of those 2 games before London. Probably Giants....
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The best thing about this game is that it goes down as a road game, and the Niners aren't cheated out of the home game like they were in 2010.
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Originally posted by ads_2006:
lol at the picture of the plane.

That In N' Out is the most famous one in the world...everyone who flies into LAX goes included.
Does anyone know if Manningham, Tank & Wright flew with them. If so, I wonder if any of them become active this week and who gets cut in London.
We can't let these a*****es do anything. We need to curbstomp them from the first snap. Break their black hearts in the first quarter.
Originally posted by valrod33:
2morrow morning I will make my weekly prediction. Stay tuned cuz it aint gonna be pretty

The moment you have all been waiting for is upon is

Jacksonville 9
49ers 0

Blaine Gabbert makes Harbaugh regret not drafting him by going 39-40 for 476 yards, also Rushes 1 time for 75 yards and a TD

Kaep doesnt play the game because he is too busy on his shopping spree
McCoy goes 15-25 for 299 yards and 5 INTS
time to fire up the "Meat Grinder" again
Gabbert is gonna have the game of his life ala Ponder last year

jags 24
niners 17
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Niners stomp the Jags 34-3. Do the Jags have a chance at beating anyone this year?

We better not lose this game
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Originally posted by 9inermaniac:
We better not lose this game

no excuse for it, none. if we are to be an elite team that makes a deep playoff run, we take care of these teams and not mess around.
Originally posted by 9inermaniac:
We better not lose this game

Just for fun, I'll say you guys lose this game, but manage to go 3-0 in the Panthers, Saints, Red Skins portion of your schedule.
Complete domination by the 49ers in all three phases of the game. The competition committee and Goodell will be forced to seriously consider a mercy rule, and U.N. staff will be at the stadium to investigate the slaughter.

Jaguars 27 Niners 6
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***Tingle Report*** The penis see's a blowout. 37-12 Niners.
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