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Nice run
my gosh, stay in bounds.
i like hunter so much
Hunter is a beast
McCoy with a first down pass yeah baby!
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Kap looking like Osama Bin Ladin, lol.
Originally posted by diablo:
i like hunter so much

Originally posted by diablo:
Originally posted by Niners99:
Our D really isnt that good. We cant get pressure on the worst offensive line in football? We also get super soft and lazy when we get a comfortable lead.

we have 15-20 sacks a year sitting in rehab

Right, but its the Jags. They traded Monroe and lost Joekel for the year. Lemonier is much more raw version of Aldon. Its no excuse.

We still have a top 10 D, but it doesnt compare to Seattle or KC. Best LB corps in the NFL, and the DB's are much improved, but with Justin Smith getting older, the impact he used to make on the pass rush is exposing the rest of the D.

We can still win a title with our D obviously, but I think the general assumption of our D being top 2-3 is a misconception.
So Colin isn't the only one.
Hunter has outrushed Gore. That's gotta be a first.

get a td and go for 2!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by Liono:
Hey, we're 6-2 with a decimated WR corp and key injures to the defense, we have a buy week, and may be getting Crabetree, Manningham and Smith back after the bye. We're in pretty good shape now!

not to mention Tank and Wright, & if these trade rumors are true, hopefully we get some more picks for guys like Nnamdi/Dixon
Originally posted by NinerGod:
Originally posted by diablo:
Originally posted by McBLT:
I really hope Aldon kicks his crack habit soon. We need him.

booze...not crack

he's and bandwagon fan, probably just started watching football today. dont mind him.
My bad. I assumed rehab meant drugs.
So will this be the final game we have to watch Kyle Williams make a fool of himself?
I want another score lol
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