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Whomp....whomp...whomp. Henne is a QB who can put up some nice statlines but can't get it done when you need him to.
Colt McCoy looks like he has an extra chromosome.
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Our D really isnt that good. We cant get pressure on the worst offensive line in football? We also get super soft and lazy when we get a comfortable lead.

we have 15-20 sacks a year sitting in rehab

When Aldon gets back, he's gonna have to be eased in. Bet he won't be in football shape after almost 2 months off.

bet he gets a sack his first game back

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Harbaugh and his Super Bowl sweatshirt, lol

HAHAHA didn't even notice that.
Jags did it again, ran down the clock and went 4 an out when it mattered. Thank you!
good redzone D
i got the moves like miller...
Bruce Miller is the new Jerry Rice
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I really hope Aldon kicks his crack habit soon. We need him.

booze...not crack

he's and bandwagon fan, probably just started watching football today. dont mind him.

Greg Roman is not that good.
Kendall Hunter is a freaking beast!
Nice plays here to finish the game out
and this is why kendall hunter needs to be used more
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Hey, we're 6-2 with a decimated WR corp and key injures to the defense, we have a buy week, and may be getting Crabetree, Manningham and Smith back after the bye. We're in pretty good shape now!
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