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Bear with me.

If, say, Kaep experienced a slight injury that caused him to miss tomorrow's game, what would happen. Sarcasm aside (I know McCoy was shaky in the preseason), it would force Harbaugh and Roman to employ a power running 2011/early 2012 game plan. Of course, the Rams would then stack the line, but the point being, I really hope the coaching staff reevaluates their offense personnel and play per-Kaepernick 49ers football. Run the ball, protect the ball (high percentage passes), play action and lower risk passing plays.

There aren't many dynamic playmakers currently on the Niners offense. So why continue to operate out of the shotgun? Where are the 2 TEs, FB in front of Gore or Hunter, power runs and misdirection? I truly believe Harbaugh wants to rely on Kaeps arm and athleticism than have the overall talent (see, WRs) dictate the scheme. The past 2 weeks have been square peg / round hole (at least to me).

I am in no way wishing for an injury or want Kaep benched, but sadly, it seems like that's the only way to get back to Niner football.


Since youre new to the forum you should know that 50% of the vets in here are trolls just looking to badmouth someones ideas and content, and they offer none of their own.

Your idea is sound. A kaep injury would get harbaugh to reevaluate his gameplan, which is what you, me, frank, and the rest of niner faithful would like to see. Hopefullyit wont come to that. I agree shotgun and passing in general might be a bit overdone. Although we had to vs Seattle because a silent count is the only way to operate.

I would like to see some sort of adjusting for Thursdays game against a below average defense like the rams. We had one series against the colts that was circa 2011, and id like to see more of it.