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Happy Birthday Aldon Smith!

Not only America celebrates my birthday today but Aldon Smith's as well. Good luck Aldon and hope to see you back on the field soon homie.

  • Amir
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Happy Birthday Aldon!!!

Hope you get crunk tonight.
Hopefully he is in a rehab center being monitored so he can't drink or do drugs. Good timing because otherwise he might have hurt or killed himself or somebody tonight. P.S. He's only 24 today so if he can get his head on straight he should be here for a long long time.
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  • Chief
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Don't get arrested!
  • Amir
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Originally posted by Chief:
Don't get arrested!

you can't get arrested on your bday. its the law.
Happy birthday Aldon. Have one on, wait!
shots shots shots shots shots shots


You guys always brighten my day!
Probably had a huge plan for his birthday party, cuz he seems to go hard on weekdays lol. Too bad for him.
  • mayo49
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Happy Birthday, bud get well soon.
NO!!! He doesn't get one. No birthday for him... STOP BREAKING THE LAW A**HOLE!! (Liar Liar)
  • JP49
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Happy birthday Aldon! We already miss you!
These comments are hilarious!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALDON!