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Please tell me the defense is the problem.

Amazing how much better this defense looks when the offense helps them out.

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Really did a good job moving Bowman around. Dude was everywhere. And Brock held up. He actually looked back and made a play on the ball instead of doing a Nnamdi
I'm sure most of you will call me crazy but sorry i wasn.t convinced by their performance vs panthers
Yeah they scored 9pts but if cam newton was a more accurate passer they would have moved the ball far more better and scored probably more
Their receivers were opened all game but newton misfired at least a dozen times
See colts game, if newton was as good as luck it would not have been so close

This team has many problems and i dont see them solve 'hem when the playoffs comes by (dont know why i'm thinking that far...)
They may win a wild card game but they wont survive a trip to NOLA or seattle
Until further notice it should be a disappointing season and finish
This is not the standard of football that is acceptable
Dont be fooled by a 6-3 record
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