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We're giving up an average of 28 points per game over the last 9 games

Originally posted by defenderDX:
Only someone who's actually paying attention would realize our Defense would be a lot better if our offense was.

Correct...the scores have been meaningless. Watch the games and you get a very different story.
Originally posted by bigwads:
It is always staggering watching people make up excuses for the inexcusable. Our defense is overrated, and Baalke's allegiance to certain players needs to stop. Our defense is way inflated at the LB's position in terms of money. Our DB's corps is absolutely pathetic. Two years ago, our DB's were awesome and it was not just because McDonald and Smith could actually rush the passer back then.

Fangio has gone to a base nickel package that is very susceptible to the run. The Colts and Seattle and even the Packers at times ran the ball down our throats when we had 6 people in the box. Our CB's are so bad that we can't afford to put more people in the box.

Sorry fellas, we are a paper tiger on defense. Our two ILB's are just bigger DB's at this point because neither safety can cover anyone. Whitner is the worst cover safety in the NFL (and I'm not being dramatic). He is absolutely horrible and Fangio knows it. This requires us to take our LB's and use them in coverage when they should be blitzing or focusing more on the run.

Thankfully, Reid is actually promising, but Whitner is gone after this year and thank the lord for it. If our LB's want to win they are going to have to take serious pay cuts in order for us to sign some DB's in FA. Otherwise, I would not be surprised to see us trade Brooks, Willis or Bowman. Smith isn't going anywhere and he will get paid.

Our DL also needs a serious makeover. We are way too light and soft up the middle. J. Smith is such a great player that he can play out of position and still produce at the DT position. He is really a DE though, which he played both in the 3-4 and a four man front in 2011 when he had his best year.

Our LB's are being paid, and the have to produce. It is as simple as that...and they aren't. Brooks is a good player, but he isn't worth what he is getting paid. Neither are willis and bowman to be frank.

It's time to get serious about the obvious problems on the team. Our defense is not that great. Our secondary is a complete joke.

Willis and Bowman are both perennial All-Pro LBs and neither is the highest paid ILB in the league, so I'm not sure I agree with you on the LB corp. I think LBs need to be good in space and need to cover and ours are excellent in those areas.

Yes, Whitner is a poor coverage safety. That's not Whitner's fault - he was the "prototype" SS before that position was basically rendered obsolete with the rules in place on hitting and coverage. You have to play two FS in this league - Whitner, like all SS, is literally a dinosaur in the age of mammals - the game has evolved to the point where his skill set is no longer relevant. At this point in his career, Rogers would be a better compliment to Reid at the Safety position, in my opinion.

Our DL is weaker than it was last year ... that's what happens when you lose a few guys and your starting NT breaks his ankle.
Originally posted by KeenaTurner:
The problems with the offense are clear as day, but our previously vaunted defense has also struggled 8 of our last 9 games (last 6 last year), giving up: 34, 42, 13, 31, 24, 24, 28, 29, 27. I think there are some clear problems that are not being addressed:

• Our secondary is terrible. We can't cover anybody. Obvious, but had to be mentioned.
• We need a real nose-tackle to clog up the middle.
• We don't blitz enough or throw enough variations at the opponent. It's the same four man rush every single play. It's like watching 1960's football. Other teams have all sorts of blitz packages flying around. We hardly even move players around pre-snap, giving the opposition plenty of time to analyze and dice-up our alignment. It's like our coach or coordinator has an unmovable belief that this single, repetitive approach will eventually prevail, despite the results that indicate otherwise.

I am hoping we've had enough tail-kickings for the coaches / GM to realize these defensive issues need to be addressed. We're clearly not playing defense with a fierceness or intensity anymore, and it seems like the players are getting pretty frustrated / embarrassed out there with their lack of effectiveness.

Are you serious? Do you watch the games? The defense isn't the problem, IT'S THE OFFENSE
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