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Quick rythm high percetage passes, establish the running game.

Right now we´re onedimesnional, allways looking for the deep strike, that needs to change there´s nothing wrong with short passes, when the defence starts to come down to stop the short passing game, you take a deep shot, just as we did in the glory days.
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Originally posted by blizzuntz:
adopt a new college gimmick offense to catch the league off guard

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Sometimes a qb is only as good as his receivers and our receivers suck right now. They cannot get open at all so teams pinch the run. It not anyone fault that Crabtree went down with an injury . It's just going to take time for this to get better.
Originally posted by defenderDX:
Originally posted by Method:
Originally posted by defenderDX:
Let's play like this again

We won't ever play like that unless Kap learns how to play against man defense. Bears used a zone almost that entire game, and it cost them. Now teams are using man and Kap can't do s**t.

No, we RAN the ball successfully, STUCK with it, utilized play-action with quick TIMED passes. We won't ever play like that unless ROMAN learns how to call plays that play to the offenses strengths. Until Kaep learns how to play against man defense? LOL... You must be joking me.

Pretty sure Green Bay played lots of man in the play offs, it worked well for them. Relax, we will turn it around and have a good season.
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Aldon, out in rehab... Lemon-yay!
Willis, out with injury, sign Larry Grant.
Put 8 in the box against strong running teams
Give up less short passing, by dropping one safety shallower (corner had better start to cover we are trying to help/hide them with deep safety help)
Tackle, Tackle, Tackle!

Davis out injured, have a big mac attack!
Gore between the tackles (Iso, counter, belly), and off tackle only, 15-20 carries (Power runs)
Hunter on the toss, and in the screen, lots of zone blocking
More bunch concept plays to helps beat the press coverage
Full backs and Tight ends, running more wheel and crossing routes, to give Kaep a safe check down
Simplify play calling, take less deep shots.
Sign Hawkins for kick returns
Patton on the slant, and comebacks, Williams...gone

Understand just because you are the favorite to win the super bowl in the preseason, doesn't mean you will, a winning season is good, a play off appearance is great.
Understand there are growing pains, when replacing players, Goldie, Alex, Iceman, Franklin, and Walker were important pieces.
Support the team, cheer, have fun, but remember, it's a game.
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trade kap and boldin for alex smith and aj jenkins.
Solution run the football more when you are already doing it well and design some easy first down throws from time to time
only solution i can think of is to drink heavily.
You probably shouldn't use the Bears game as a reference as they were on record as saying they had NO IDEA how to defend CK b/c at the time, "Nobody knew what he could do...not even our own coaches."

I'm seeing lots of blame on the lack of separation by the WR's. On the flip side, do you think Manning had great WR's in Denver? Or Brady in New England (esp. now)? Of course not. But what they ARE doing is spending extra time coaching them up, ensuring thet know their routes, focusing on precision, practicing and working with their OC's to ensure proper game plans. They also, in game, are making the correct pre snap reads and are throwing accurate balls. Right now, CK is off...WAY OFF on much of this and IMHO, Roman is not helping anyone with his college offense and poor personnel choices; he is VERY predictable.

Problem: HaRoMan and perceived WR's lack of separation
Solution/Rationale: It's beyond time we move to a traditional WCO. This involves three layers of options for a QB on every single pass play. Typically the first look is the deeper routes, scan the field from side to side, then look to the intermediate routes where the TE's find the soft zones and then finally, look to your outlets in the flats (RB's and FB's). Simple. Timing and precision passing is the key. Pre snap reads aren't as critical as one of the three options should be open every play. My personnel would be Baldwin at the X > Patton at the Y > Boldin at the Z. I'd rotate between two backs in I formations and two TE sets. Extra work would be done ala Jerry Rice of creating separation immediately off the LOS by the WR's (explosion off the LOS, hand fighting, beating press, using your big bodied WR's better for sheilding off DB's, teaching both VD and McDonald how to drop in soft zones and create outlets for CK). The WCO is predicated on precision and timing through perpetual repetition. Practice the first 20 plays until perfection. The short passing game will open up the inside/outside running game esp. in the second half. TAKE some real shots deep if that read is there. Otherwise defenses will continue to stack 8-9 in the box and play down hill under the 15 yards making it much harder to get separation by all receivers.
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Originally posted by ChazBoner:
only solution i can think of is to drink heavily.

You and Aldon both. Save a room for me depending on how Thursday night's game goes!

Originally posted by cciowa:
activate jon baldwin and james. you got nothing to lose with jon. james will be an upgrade on kickoff returns which were horrid. of course i do not trust JH or his henchman roman to properly use james. still would sign a extra defensive lineman and maybe a backer. stop with the f**king two handed pitch, run to set up the pass.

Look at bringing in Lavelle Hawkins and benching Kyle Williams. If Manningham isn't coming back do this right away and look at the WR from Cleveland who is on the block.
Originally posted by NCommand:
Alright armchair-GM's/Coaches...let's unite. Every day we get better or we're getting worse. So, starting now, it's safe to say our work has been cut out for us. We have identified a LONG grocery-list of all the issues from the top down. So, let's switch the tide now and identify what may be the solutions. This isn't a thread for generic solutions such as "we just need to run the ball more." No, this is a thread for 1) identifying a solution 2) how do you implement it and 3) Rationale

I'll start... Issue > Solution > How/Rationale:

Aldon Smith is gone for at least a month > my solution is to move Ahmad Brooks over to the WILL spot > this is a simple move esp. for Brooks and takes no additional work/training; it's seamless > my rationale for him moving is b/c teams have identified that you eliminate the pass rush by simply running right AT Aldon/Justin. Brooks is the best run stuffing OLB we have by far AND he has pass rush ability as well BUT over at the SAM (strong side) he is stuck playing off two blockers on the regular. Moving him to WILL frees him up completely, helps Justin in run support (he neede help) and it is a seamless transition which could mean some big hits from the blind side from both Brooks/Justin. Plus teams won't be expecting it (this is key; teams game plan to double Brooks). Then you can have a nice rotation of Skuta and Lemonier on the strong side. Teams might start moving an extra TE over to the WILL side to combat if successful which then frees up Skuta/Lemonier. Having these two start off at the SAM affords them the opportunity to focus on one major skill-set of sealing the edges and forcing any runs back inside to the backers. They will STILL get their chances to pass rush but for now, it will come more on obvious pass rushing downs. In short, they grow into a more complete skill set with time. Even if this base has some cracks in it, both the WILL and SAM positions are interchangeable at any time.

Very good analysis and solution. Am really concerned about the D-line though. What to do about that? Gotta hope Carradine and Dial come back.
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Originally posted by NCommand:
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Offensive struggles > Transition back to Harbaugh's Stanford offense > Start by moving away from the pistol read-option. Go back to the power run game that also creatively used traps and pulls. Scrap slow developing run plays. Utilize the RBs more in the passing game, primarily on checkdowns for Kap in the middle of the field. Call more 3-step drops and quick slants on 1st down.

Just a few of the ideas floating around in my head.

There we go. What personnel would you use?

Mostly 2 WR/ 2 TE, or 2 WR/TE/FB. WR is not a strength on the team, so I don't want to put more of them on the field. Although, I would like to see a few more 3 WR sets with Boldin in the slot, Patton and Moore on the outside. We can still run power from 3 WR sets, like SEA did against us.

But for the most part, I want to duplicate what we were doing in 2011 and most of 2012. The personnel groupings in terms of positions are not terribly different then they were before, but I think teams are no longer paralyzed by the play fakes from the pistol read-option. The result is all the massive running and passing lanes we saw in the playoffs have vanished. I think we can line up and run more effectively DOWNHILL. Hit them with play-action. More Kap under center. I think he can do it.

Yes, go back to power running game with play action from the I formation.
Originally posted by NCommand:
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
only solution i can think of is to drink heavily.

You and Aldon both. Save a room for me depending on how Thursday night's game goes!

get your Buttery Nipples ready, it's gonna be a long night.
Originally posted by buck:
Originally posted by NCommand:
OK, this is off to a stellar start. LOL

You made a valiant effort.

I think your suggestion is valid. I am not sure it will happen exactly as you say, but it could.

1. Problem--wide receiver

Solution bring back Austin Collie. ( 2nd option would be Hawkins.)

Rationale--Collie knows the play book, and he is experienced.

Consequence--somebody would have to be cut. I would cut Osgood. I Marecic could take his place on special teams.

2. Problem wide receiver

Solution--Activate John Baldwin

Rationale--big body with some experience

Consequence--if he is not ready, activating him could hurt his development.

Would agree, but I'm wondering why you would take Collie over Hawkins who seems more explosive and a genuine threat downfield. We need to stretch defenses. Agreed Baldwin could help with that and has the size to be press coverage...
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