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How involved is Eric Mangini?

Lot of coach bashing going on after the last 2 games and, deservedly so. The team has looked unprepared, undisciplined, and generally unwilling. Obviously, losing Crabtree has hurt but, if the coaches thought it would be this be a deal, why haven't they made a move to acquire more help? The only coaching difference between last year and this is the hiring of a defensive coach to be an offensive consultant. Shouldn't he, of all people, be lobbying to cram the ball down the opposing team's throat?
lol...since he's been on board things have gone down hill....especially the run game....
whatever he is telling the offensive coaches that other coaches are looking at from their defensive perspective, it isnt working.
Well if he is involved that would explain why things are going badly - He is a HORRIBLE coach I am sorry another Belechek Flunky.
They should listen to him - and then do the opposite of what he says.
Too involved. That's the reason why we are terrible
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