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A Little Perspective, Please?

Thanks, Bill. You made my start to work today just a little bit better. Couldn't sleep last night, I've been so frustrated.

Keeping a positive outlook and still believe in this squad. Let's roll on. Every winner needs adversity. Go Niners!
Originally posted by loxdoggie:
2) Let's look at the upside should the season continue down this horrible path (we are staring at a very real possibility of 1-3 after St. Louis Thursday). Some years back, the San Antonio Spurs turned a mulligan season (injury to David Robinson) into Tim Duncan. The Colts did the same after Manning's injury and wound up with Luck. Freakish injuries/seasons, while brutal in the short term, had incredible long-term positive consequences. What could that mean for us? We know that we are going to have difficulty signing a number of veterans. A year like this with subpar performances either makes them easier to sign (i.e., for less) or easier for us to let them walk. The youth movement becomes much easier after a disappointing year. With a boatload of picks on tap, the timing is right.

So... Downey for clowney? :-P
Originally posted by billbird2111:
I am a fifty year old 49er fan. I watched Joe Montana win his first Superbowl in front of an old 20 inch color TV in the recreation room at Homan Hall at Fresno State with fifty other students who had gathered to watch the big game. I lived through the glory years. I lived through the good times and died just a little during the bad times. In the words of the radio announcer from a League of Their Own: "I have seen enough to know I have seen too much."

We're 1-2. We just lost to a team we shouldn't have lost too. We just didn't lose. We got our butts handed to us. Our best pass rusher is a drunk headed off to rehab. Our 2nd year QB looks like he's never seen, let alone thrown, a football before. Our best running back is peeved at his head coach. Our best linebacker got hurt and may miss a few games. Things are looking bad.

I'm here to tell you that I have seen this before. I have seen it all. And I'm here to tell you "don't worry." Things are going to be alright.

In 1982, I watched a Super Bowl defending champion get smashed the following season, shortened by a strike year, where they finished 3-6. "Big deal," you say? "They were on strike!" Well, to be brutally honest, most of the 49ers weren't. Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Freddie Solomon and many others crossed those picket lines in defiance. End result? A bunch of replacement players smashed their collective teeth in. Montana couldn't complete a pass to save his life. Our defense was swiss cheese.

An even better example came in 1988. The 49ers stumbled out of the gate to a 6-5 start. This included a 9-3 loss to the RAIDERS, people. Think about it! A team comprised of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Roger Craig and so many others put up a measley three points against THE RAIDERS. Think that made the beat writers happy? There were whispers that Bill Walsh had "lost his touch" as head coach. There were "rumors" that he'd "lost the team."

That '88 team, by the way, would recover and go onto win the Super Bowl. It was Bill's final year. George Seifert replaced him and a year later the 49ers were back in the big game where they proceeded to absolutely DISMANTLE John Elway and the Denver Broncos in the most lopsided Super Bowl ever played.

Don't try to tell me that it was a different game back then. It wasn't. The rules were, for the most part, the same. A pigskin was a pigskin. The QB was still the QB.

The point I'm trying to make here is this: We've stumbled out of the gate to a 1-2 start, just as we did in 1981 when we won our first Super Bowl. And, just like 1981, we've looked terrible to boot.

Don't worry about it. Tomorrow is another day. Jim Harbaugh hasn't forgotten how to coach. Trust me when I tell you that he hasn't "lost the team." CK7 hasn't forgotten how to play the position of QB. Greg Roman is still a fine Offensive Coordinator.

We're 1-2. In the big scheme of things? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter whether Seattle won or lost. We can't control what they do. So when a sportscaster makes a snide remark of referring to Seattle's QB as "the best QB in the NFC West," smile a bit and let it roll off your shoulders.

This is a long journey. We're just getting started. Smile. Today is a new day.


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Finally something positive, I agree with u sir, we'll get better
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Good post, i agree the tables will turn but hopefully soon before it's too late and we miss the playoffs.
This team just looks flat, no sense of urgency, undisciplined NO HUNGER! The Seahawks played with passion, hunger, anger, etc.
hopefully, they turn it around soon and we get back to the SB.
I get what you're saying, and I respect it. I just have serious concerns that I hope are remedied ASAP. It's still early, but I am getting increasingly frustrated and can't bear to watch us flounder like this and dig ourselves into such a big hole so quickly.
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Thursday will be the turn around point of the season, mark my words!
Get back to basics & fundementals. enough of these gadget formations. Line up just like every other team and lets play physical 49er football and see what happens. BTW whats wrong with Willis? did he get hurt?
Originally posted by ElephantHaley:
Get back to basics & fundementals. enough of these gadget formations. Line up just like every other team and lets play physical 49er football and see what happens. BTW whats wrong with Willis? did he get hurt?

Yes and, unfortunately, yes.
Colin is a THIRD year QB

Thanks Bill!

The mark of a true Champion is fight tooth and nail through adversity.

We have adversity and I feel our coaches and team will dig deep down and fight like hell.

Well written and insightful, Mr. Billbird.

I was going to create an "optimistic thread of 2013", but this thread could probably serve a similar effect. I tend to stay away from the zone after losses because of all the catastrophic posters on this website, but I am glad I stumbled onto your blurb.

Great post. I think we'll be fine. Way too much talent on the roster to keep playing like this.
Thanks for the positive outlook needed that today..
Great post
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