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Willis' groin injury expected to keep him out of Rams game

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Oh frickin great more good news!!!
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Justin Smith/Raymac/A. Brooks/Bowman/capable back ups...

Kap/Top 3 offensive line/Gore/Boldin...

There are teams that have done it/do it with the same amount or EVEN less talent!

Bottom line, COACHES need to remove their heads out of their frikken butts, already.

For a long time, all Matt Shaub had was Andre and running game... Brady has no name WRs and Gronk playing with f**ked up back... A lot of teams have PLENTY of injuries.

We have a lot of damn good players... you give Belichick just a couple of our guys and he'll take off.

NO excuses. Coaches, get your heads out of you frikken butts!!
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Double whammy with Aldon being gone.

But, I think we have a bigger problem than that. And not until we can sort out the offense, it wouldn't matter much anyway.
and the hits just keep on comin'........
He's having a down big blow..

We can't catch a break right now. s**t!
No Problem, we can plug in Grant again.

Oh, wait.
Any time you take 2 all-pros from a defense, you're in some s**t.
lol whats next. if we pull this off were at 2-2 and the season is still very young but we need to get going in the right direction asap
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Originally posted by SofaKing:
Any time you take 2 all-pros from a defense, you're in some s**t.

Oddly enough we still have 2 more All-Pro's, and 4 more Pro Bowlers. Still in some s**t
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Rams suck, we'll be fine!
Originally posted by JP49:
Rams suck, we'll be fine!

They 'sucked' last year also and still managed to beat us, in their house.

Honestly, I don't predict a win this Thursday. We are out too many key players, the game plans have been horrible, and Kap has looked lost. I don't see that changing over a few-day period. I sure hope I'm wrong though.
were gonna be an expansion team by the end of the year if these injuries dont stop soon
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
No Willis, No Aldon, & Possibly No Vernon

Namdi left in the 4th after that long run by bradshaw.

Maybe Eric Wright sees the field in the coming weeks if the injury is serious.
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