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Just like Aldon Smith is about to start learning first hand, we need to think one day at a time. Today's debacle, which stretches four games (Super Bowl loss to the Ravens, win against the Pack where our running game disappeared, Boldin was our most effective receiver, and our defense struggled against the Pack, loss against the Seahawks who destroyed us in the second half, and the shenanigans that we witnessed today.) now.

What I will say to you will be hard to hear for some, but we are currently beaten, bloodied, and haggard. Adding one or two dudes off the street will not make us an instant Super Bowl contender. The return of Mario and Crabs will not save the season. The return of the running game of 2011-2012 will not save the season. Harbs and Roman being hypnotized to change their offensive philosophy overnight will not save the season. Everybody getting healthy will not save the season. Aldon's return will not save the season. Kaep becoming who we thought he was will not save the season.

Think that Clubber Lang is the Seahawks and that the Colts are...

well...the Colts. To us, the Niners, and all others involved at this point in time everyone looks like Clubber Lang

All of these things combined could, however, give us a chance to save the season. The Super Bowl is another matter. As far as our beloved 49ers are concerned, we need to regroup and attempt to beat the Rams in four days. Forget the Super Bowl, forget those five yards, the decade's worth of tragedy that was 49er football, and get back to being the Bully and not the bullied.

Clubber predicts pain for us for the next several weeks. We have no reason not to believe him.
Nor should the 49ers settle for it.

What we need is someone to teach us how to fight like an African American fighter....wait, wait, damnit.
That's not what we need. We need someone how to teach us to win again.

Sorry, Apollo.

Or maybe we do need Apollo Creed except in our scenario his name is Ray "the NFL, Sasquatch, Hoffa, or Tupac turned off the lights" Lewis. Why one of the most hated men on this site? Because he is one of the most hated men on this site. Who better to play our Apollo Creed? It can't be Boldin. Boldin is like Creed's trainer who has already come over to train with Rocky. In fact, as far as we know, Ray "conspiracy theory" Lewis saw the future and made sure Boldin came to the Niners ahead of time.

Ray "inter-spacial time traveler, conspiracy theorist, unbelievably fortunate dude, two-time Super Bowl champion, and one time (allegedly) Antler-Spray user and our Apollo Creed" Lewis.

While Aldon begins, and we all need to understand this is a beginning and that there is no cure for addiction, his road to recovery and serenity. We as a fan base need to continue to pontificate, although it does no real good, and support this team. The Niners need to start getting strong again:

Then in four days, we kick the holy hell out of the Rams.

We should thank our lucky stars for this chance to get grounded. We should thank the football heavens for showing the 49ers that they can get beat down repeatedly unless they go back to their game.

I said it after the Super Bowl loss, we have unfinished business. But, we cannot wait till the Super Bowl to begin it. It begins with the Rams.
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Lol. I love it!
Originally posted by Jcool:

Brian jennings that you?
Great post, man!
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